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1. Gillian Seton, the doctor and Loma Linda graduate who has been working at Cooper Adventist Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, shares her recent struggles combating the Ebola virus.

2. The popular online magazine has listed what it calls neurosurgeon Ben Carson's "looniest beliefs" on domestic violence, homosexuality, health care, and creationism.

3. Walter Rea, Sr., author of The White Lie, died Saturday, August 30, at the age of 92. Rea's work required the church to openly address the issues of plagiarism and the nature of prophetic inspiration in the writings of Ellen G. White.

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(Steve Mga) #2

In consideration of Walter Rea and others, IF the church had continued to view and promote Ellen White as a “Messenger of the Lord” INSTEAD of a “Prophet”, would the present day church [the church since her death] not have had an issue with some of her books? Not had a problem that she “copied” some nice statements from other authors? Would we in the 21st Century be more easily accepting of her Spiritual Growth during the 19th Century, the Victorian Age mentality, an age of minimal scientific knowledge, an age of minimal understanding of the Earth, a minimal understanding of physical and mental illness, a minimal understanding of how the human body works? Allowed her to be more “human” in her every day life?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #3

Pastor Walter Rea as a regular at LLU University Church in the days before the White Lie. I knew him as a passionate advocate for the “Spirit of Prophecy” . It most have been quite a blow for him to discover her sources. The institutional mind is a terrible thing. I am reminded of Dugout Doug’s final words at West Point–“My final thoughts will be of the Corp, The Corp, The Corp.”. Why not loyally to the “Truth”? the proprietary hold upon end time “Truth” is and will be the final flaw of a cause that lost its virtue in defending the indefensible. Tom Z

(Joselito Coo) #4

Dr Gillian Seton writes: “… hospital was one of the few hospitals with foresight and the connections to be prepared. At the first sign of the outbreak, they requested supplies and additional training. Their hospital is small, but the campus is extensive and so they built a separate temporary building with holding rooms and isolation units in order to treat patients.” [end quote]

I’ve been wondering if our policy of accepting only non-Ebola cases while turning away those suspected of Ebola infection, both at Cooper in Liberia and Waterloo in Sierra Leone, might require another look in light of Dr Seton’s vivid on-the-ground description and insightful remarks regarding their need.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #5

dr. Ben Carson speaks from the perspective of a Surgeon at the end of the line of an increasing chain of executive orders that are interposed between doctor and patient. congress writes a law that states, The Surgeon General shall make such rules and regulations that fulfill the intent of Congress. then the Surgeon General in collaboration with Third Parties make up the rules and regulations that appear in the National Register. the outcome is volumes of red tape. the government pays through the nose! the care people see little of it, The third party gets the first bite, the hospital the second bite and the surgeon the crumbs., But all that does not qualify a frustrated surgeon presidential status. Tom Z

(jeremy) #6

steve, your considerations apply even more to the writers of the bible, all of whom were living in a virtual prehistoric age mentality, with minimal scientific knowledge, a minimal understanding of the earth and the universe, a minimal understanding of physical and mental illness, and a minimal understanding of how the human body works…unfortunately, inspiration has acted on these humans during these times of earth’s development…translating the bible into modern speak doesn’t change this fact…i think we take it or leave it - i see no other alternative…


Walter Rea is one of the members of the faith hall of fame. Nearing the end of his career, he sacrificed his career and secure retirement to reveal the truth he had discovered. He was about as popular as the little boy who who exclaimed “the emperor is not wearing any clothes.” His book, “The White Lie,” stands as a rebuke to those who defer to EGW as the authority in support of their pet position. Even before I came across “The White Lie,” I had a gut feeling that the emperor was not inspired.

(Robert Sonter) #8

It is indeed a tribute to the faith of Walter Rea, that he remained a committed Christian after learning what he did about the life and writings of Ellen White. There have been some who have rejected religion entirely, after making that kind of discovery.

It’s also a tribute to his courage that he went public with what he’d learned, rather than simply avoiding the controversy and awaiting a comfortable retirement (as cdat alluded to above.)

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #9

Yes, it’s the Government who does “pay through the nose”; the insurance companies, “big pharms,” manufacturers of medical equipment, and hospitals benefit. However one interprets this gross misuse of our resources—both taxpayers’ and patients’—it’s “big” somebodies who control the systems. But Dr. Carson is on the big business side of this and seems to be blaming the Government, exclusively, for this dysfunction. He’s annoyed, I’m sure, at Government imposed policies, but those are the result of monied lobbyists representing businesses. If poison ivy grows in your front yard, torching everything that’s green in the neighborhood is a poor solution for the itch.

Also, and off-point, Carson, in a very unChrist-like manner, chooses not to help those who need it most, even though his own family benefited from Government support when he was a child, and suggests that social welfare is the responsibility of private citizens. As much as we would like to believe that our churches, temples, and other religious and civic communities would automatically provide shelter and food to those who are cold and hungry, as Carson suggests, he should also remember that removing Government support for the needy would effectively tax the average congregation between $5K and $15K a month, depending on their size and location, to make up for what their congregants (never mind those farther from their fold) can count on from their Government. We all empathize with Carson’s annoyance with unnecessary Governmental regulation, but he seems to have been doing just fine, nonetheless (save his manners).

(Joselito Coo) #10

Dr Gillian Seton continues: “We have yet to have any staff contract the virus, although many have friends and a few family members who have died of the disease. And we have had a few patients who were later confirmed to have Ebola. So we hope and pray that we stay healthy.” [end quote]

Needless to say, there’s no guarantee Cooper’s staff will all stay free forever of symptoms that may/may not be Ebola virus related. Will they send the sick hospital staff member away to one of the Ebola centers or keep them at Cooper? About Drs Seton and Appel, if they begin to show signs of illness, Ebola related or not, will they be permitted to leave that they may go home to the U.S. for treatment?

(Ikswezdyr) #11

Inspiration has a different meaning than you are describing. That’s where our literalist, absolutist community made its mistake. And the Bible is in the same category–inspired but not absolute in context, age, etc. as niteguy says. Inspiration is mostly related to the spiritual not material aspects of our world and nature. Therefore it can speak only to our relationship to God and not the changing knowledge of humans. I made the connection when I read her account of the cause of earthquakes years before Rea.
He did us a disfavor by the title of the book which put off many scholars and believers. Had he been more sensitive, his work would have done a great favor sooner. I never read the book because the title showed unbridled emotion and lacked credibility. Only years later when I heard him speak, did I realize he was a reasonable person.


So under what title would you have elected to have read the book? “Honest and sincere but misinformed writings of an Adventist Prophet?” or you tell me what title would have appealed to you.