Three Angles News - Nurse Sues for Religious Discrimination

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1. A Seventh-day Adventist Church State Council attorney has filed a religious-discrimination suit, claiming Dusanka Bodiroga, a prison nurse, was fired 11 days after refusing to take shifts on Sabbaths at the California State Prison.

2. Laughter enhances brain health, according to two separate Loma Linda University studies released in April. Short-term memory improves for older adults, and brain-wave activity imitates the type achieved through the practice of meditation after they experience mirthful humor.

3. Leaders from the Church of Latter-day Saints visited SDA headquarters to share "Faith Counts," a multi-faith social media campaign targeted at 14 to 35-year-olds. Religious leaders from many faiths have agreed to support each other's efforts to reach out to young people through these professionally-produced videos. The Adventist vice presidents and the Mormons who met also agreed to continue to promote religious freedom.

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