Three Delegates Reflect on Ted Wilson's Re-election

As the delegates exited the floor minutes after voting for Ted Wilson's return to as General Conference President of Seventh-day Adventists, we interviewed three—a youth director from Malawi, a missionary from Grenada, and a physician from California.

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A flawed process begets a flawed outcome. Tragic as usual.


It’s nice to know that some members are happy - even beaming about the re-election (though I can’t remember ever having seen that much opposition and lack of support). However, it seems to me that our church has become rather asynchronous. For instance the loss in church growth might happen eventually in the less developed world as well - when it becomes more developed. But until that happens … the developed world will be accused of “apostacy” - and the majority will triumph in their self-assurance.

Very sad for those who actually do try to minister to a post-modern secular world and point out the fallacies of 19th century methods for 21st century.


With only one name put forward for nomination, the vote for the next GC President was a forgone conclusion.


The outcome wasn’t flawed, so perhaps the process wasn’t either.


Oh but it was my friend.


Sad, people complain, but put no one in the election to run against Ted. Sounds like the opposition just likes to Complain. DANIEL 2:21 it’s Gods will !!!

Strange isn’t it that there was NO one put into the election to run against Ted…why would that be I wonder??


I kinda liked her idea that Pastor Wilson is “Our Joshua to lead us to the Promised Land”.
I think her method of thinking is typical SDA, and probably typical Christian.
Where everything is put off until the future. And not much concern for the here and now in the Earthy Kingdom of God.
I see this as THE GAP in Generational Thinking.
From my reading of a number of Religious Sociologists, Those under 40 and more so under 30 are looking at their Church [local and denomination] to address the Earthly Kingdom of God more. To focus more on the Justice and Mercy Issues of the immediate. They are looking less toward Just a Head Knowledge of WHAT DO WE BELIEVE, but looking at a Heart Knowledge of HOW DO I BELIEVE, HOW do I put it into Action, into Practice in the every day life. HOW do I bring about CHANGE so more people CAN become citizens of God’s Kingdom Here On Earth?
I think THIS is the Generational GAP that we see in the Seventh day Adventist church. And I believe the Church Body is not doing anything to change that.
We like to sing that Song — What was good for Paul and Silas, What was good for my grand parents, What was good enough for my parents IS GOOD ENUF FOR ME.
Unfortunately, I think we are seeing that song being rejected by a broad age group in the SDA church now. And it aint going to meet the needs of the under 40s, the under 30, and those matriculating through Senior High School and University.

Does Pastor Wilson have the ability to address these issues in the next 5 years? They have certainly NOT been addressed in the past 5 years by the Black Suits in Silver Springs.

Actually, if a poll was taken of the SDA church membership in NA, I would say that there are a lot of older SDAs, some here on Spectrum, who have FAILED to Mature beyond the age of 30-35, and are forever STUCK in a Time Warp with the Millenials.


I really appreciated hearing these people talk about their experience as delegates. One does not have to agree with people to find their testimony articulate and meaningful.


@GeorgeTichy didn’t get his paper work in on time.


This is not a good sign for the future. He has no vision for the future except to go BACK- in world that is moving forward at lightening speed.


The majority disagreed with you.

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Pretty funny, Randy :slight_smile: But George knows that he can help more people as a psychologist than he ever would as the GC President. Plus, all that “politicking” wouldn’t be to his taste…he is far too forthright for that! :wink:



And then they wonder why 150 years later…

It might surprise you, Birder, that some of us have made commenting here part of our “mission” though we hold vastly different views than you.


You can disagree but no name-calling. Please. It makes everyone of us look bad.



Interesting reading the reactions to TW’s re-election.

However, I don’t get it! Why are some people surprised with everything that is happening??? This process and politics has been the status quo for ages!

I hope nobody will be surprised with the NO vote on WO.

Surprised once? Shame on others, possibly.
Surprised twice? Shame on you!!!
(The “you” here is impersonal, and refers to those who appear to be surprised with the events and maneuvers in course!)


So, because you say it wasn’t flawed…it wasn’t. Such assertions, positive or negative, are useless. They simply betray preference and bias.

But to speak about flawed process is another matter entirely. When only one name to lead the worldwide church is brought to the floor for vote, after the deliberations of a committee to which no one else is privy, something seems drastically wrong. The entire process lacks transparency, presents no real choice or set of alternatives, and seems more akin to the college of Cardinals than to a truly open representation and selection of leadership.

Where’s the black smoke?




The train has been running backwards for 5 years. Now it’s spending a few days at the SA station, and as we see, it will continue running backwards for another 5 years.

Each people have the leadership they deserve!