Thursday at the London Unity Conference: Transformational Moments in the History of Church Authority

And so it began, the Unity 2017 Conference, with worship, of course. Gary Patterson, retired General Conference field secretary, known to many in the room for his insightful interpretation of church policy, showed his pastoral side with a creative devotional on the book of John, on light in the darkness, on the women to whom Christ made his most significant announcements. It was the woman at the well to whom Jesus first personally declared his Messiahship. It was to Mary that Jesus appeared upon his resurrection. Patterson closed with a video of Alicia Patterson impersonating Mary telling of her love for Jesus — the most alive person she had ever known —explaining how Jesus freed her from the boxes into which society had put her, into which she had put herself. How hearing Jesus tell Simon that wherever Jesus’ story would be told, her story would be part of it. Jesus’ words in Simon’s house coming back to her, giving her new life, new understanding of herself, a prostitute no longer. Her story would be part of His story wherever it was told.

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Thank you Spectrum for daily reports.

Very credentialed participants with compelling messages. However, the real pathology lies to the answer of the question, “Why did these individuals wait until their retirement to be active and vocal?” Do we acquire knowledge instantaneously the day after retiring?


This seems to be a very common phenomenon.

I’m sure it can’t possibily have anything to do with job security or retirement…:wink:


These compelling provocative quotes from our church forbears and our church prophet clearly propose a decentralization of church structure and a de-emphasis on a controlling pope-like figure pontificating to all, his narrow viewpoints and agendas.

The predominance of retirees is a woeful comment on the dire lack of freedom of speech and the free exchange of viewpoints by church employees.

Neal Wilson’s vindictive and venomous withholding of Walter Rea’s justly earned pension and benefits because of his ( later authenticated and vindicated ) exposure of EGW’s plagiarism, sent a dire warning to all future whistleblowers and truth tellers. It was only when REA promised no further research or publication that his justly earned benefits were restored.

Neal Wilson’s son will have no compunction on future vindictive retaliations against those currently employed who hold diverse views.

That church employees, in a claustrophobic climate of compelled conformity, would feel so MUZZLED, so as not to participate in this London conference,
is a chilling commentary on the calamatous current state of Adventism!


Excellent work—and a tremendous amount of it, too. I doubt that these meetings will effect much change, immediately, but it will affect the thinking of those who, in turn, will be in conversation with other thinking people. Even though many have complained—both about who were allowed to attend the meetings and about those who were more or less uninvited, I don’t think that these discussions could have been had, otherwise. Both Adventist Today and Spectrum have been producing terrific recaps without being editorial. A highlight, via Barry Oliver (and Ellen White): [quote=“spectrumbot, post:1, topic:13661”]
A sick man’s mind has had a controlling power over the General Conference committee
[/quote]. Thank you.


Thanks Bonnie for the timely info… Spectrum is once again the news leader and deeply appreciated.
It is indeed a sad commentary on our church that people are constrained in expressing their deepest insights and ideas in a public way while working within the church. Please do not blame these brave and wise men who now share their views. Listen and ponder. The Christian church 600+ years ago had the inquisition to keep people pure. Given time and power some in the GC would try it on again. Power corrupts and Christian leaders all have been tempted. We would do well to study our history and learn… Thanks George Knight for your courage and the clarity of your presentation. Blessings. Jim


And so Korah, Dathan, and Abiram once again take their stand.

Lord, please look favorably on Ted Wilson and other leaders that you have raised up for this time in history. Please deal quickly with these hostile individuals who use their credentials and privilege to assail your leaders. Please guard the minds and hearts of your church’s constituency from the fallout that will ensue. Please bring true unity back to your people. Amen.

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Amen, sibling! I find it astounding that this is a hill on which so many wish to make their last stand, as it were. We’re not talking “pillar of the faith” doctrine here. If the GC session had voted to repudiate the Sabbath or the IJ, there would be merit in speaking out and refusing to acquiesce to heresy, but this issue is not of that caliber, and there is no valid reason to defy the will of the body. But there has been a spirit of rebellion fomenting in the church for some time, and this was apparently the catalyst (although not the one I would have predicted) that set them off. When George Knight compares the GC leadership to Nazis, you know he’s gone off the rails.

But, the conspiracy theorists will have their way, and claim that various forms of manipulation, coercion, and other questionable tactics were used to achieve the desired results, so that it really wasn’t the will of the body. But political maneuvering in the past to achieve liberal goals was perfectly acceptable, of course. Comparing the SA vote to the election of Putin? Really? Beam me up!

May the Lord have mercy on His church.

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The will of the body? Interesting that you should be so completely oblivious to the political maneuvering done before and during the GC and imagine that what was voted was the will of the body. It was not and that is the issue. Who do you imagine set the agenda? Do you imagine that the election of Putin is the will of the people. When you set the agenda and what the vote will be you can easily determine the outcome.


emphasized text[quote=“OmegaRising, post:7, topic:13661”]
Lord, please look favorably on Ted Wilson and other leaders that you have raised up for this time in history. Please deal quickly with these hostile individuals who use their credentials and privilege to assail your leaders. Please guard the minds and hearts of your church’s constituency from the fallout that will ensue. the truth about our church history.[/quote]

Sorry, couldn’t resist…!


“Please bring true unity back to your people. Amen.”

If God is truly in control of His “church” then the outcome must be what He wills…whatever that entails.

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Men and women have fought for equality and equal access for women to vote, to have custody of their children in divorce, to own property, to be educated, to have access to careers in higher education, law, medicine, firefighting, lawmaking, business leadership, and on and on according to their gifts.

The argument that women have different reproductive equipment has never translated to a sub-par brain or access to the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, insights, talents, and abilities to preach and minister. Of all denominations, the one led and spiritually nurtured by a preaching, teaching woman, Adventists should be equal opportunity supporters to the Gifts of the Spirit. To do otherwise is to attack her spiritual leadership and that of every woman who has been led by the Holy Spirit into ministry.

The deniers access to the Holy Spirit for everyone should get off their high horses of “just get over it and move on” and acknowledge that the Holy Spirit does, indeed, gift women with Spiritual Gifts for preaching, leading, ministry, and spiritual authority. The Holy Spirit is a higher calling than any church policy. To subvert power from the Holy Spirit to a man-made faulty organization on earth is to subvert the Holy Spirit’s Divine Right to call any person, anywhere and anytime to spiritual ministry. Period.

I’m deeply troubled by the superficial argument that men and women are “different.” Of course! That’s why both have spiritual gifts of ministry to reach and teach everyone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit is Omnipotent and knows who needs to be reached and how and provides Spiritual Gifts, starting with Pentecost, to reach the world through BOTH men and women in spiritual ministry and leadership.

Why would a man-made organization’s policy cut the hand of the Lord short? We are in troubling times. Why limit the numbers of harvesters?