Time to Speak Out

(Cfowler) #141

I couldn’t agree more, John.

The Holy Spirit guides people. That is not my job. Treating people with kindness and respect, without any type of expectations, is what I aim to do. I’ve (finally) learned to let the HS do his job. If he chooses to use me in any way, fine. If not, that’s fine too.

(Johnny Carson) #142

Forgive me. It’s all so clinical. This is troubling to me. If I am a typical human I’m going to be unsettled about some aspect of my life. I’m not a clinical formula or a line drawn on a white board in the church fellowship hall. I’m looking for someone with whom I can relate. Someone who can meet me at the intersection of our lives. Someone who just maybe has been through what I’m now experiencing and who can offer me the friendship of helping see me through whatever it is.

(Robert Lindbeck) #143

@cfowler I have a personal motto: All the better for having been there. It is double edged. I want to be a better person for the experience of going everywhere I go - church, work, community, holidays etc. Look for the positive. Learn, resolve to change and grow based on the experiences I have.
The flip side is I want everywhere I go to be better because I went there. I want to leave it better than when I arrived. It can be done with little things - greet the checkout person in a friendly manner. Smile at passerbys. Thank the bus driver when you get off. Buy a second cup of coffee and leave it for the next person in line.
We all have the choice to be changed by our experiences - for better, or for worse. We also have the same choice about where we go.

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That’s awesome, Robert.

Connecting with fellow believers as all being brothers and sisters in Christ, is what matters. Connecting with non-believers as brothers and sisters in community, is so important and enriching.

When I let go of the very mistaken idea that I had the job of converting people to Christ, a huge weight was lifted. I’m a vessel that God can choose to use, or not, in His wisdom.

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Love it! I feel better having read your post. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love this! (20 characters)


Being silent may also be the preferred way a believer keeps peace with her fellow seatmates in church. Opinions seem pretty hot and pretty set. No matter how gently I have brought up topics in the past, I have never changed anyone’s mind. They see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Should the compliance system be voted in, I will probably withdraw my official membership. In my church to admit you read SPECTRUM labels you as a rebel, tho they have perhaps never seen an issue. I am fifth generation SDA, and have watched these shenanigans for 70+yrs. My soul is tired. This is not God’s exclusive church. He has other sheep not of this fold. Many of them are thinking and courageous Christians. Sometimes one needs peace.

(Beverley Joseph ) #148

The Apostles had consensus during the Jerusalem Council. The method used in San Antonio was “majority rule.” Unfortunately, the minority has refused to accept the outcome of the vote determined by the majority of delegates. No one objected to the method used in San Antonio. The problem is with those who are not satisfied with the outcome of the method used. If the vote had gone the other way, how would those in favor of WO expect the other side to respond? I am sure they would want their cooperation.

There are no scriptures that I am aware of which show that the Apostles allowed the believers to do anything that they, the Apostles, believe to be wrong. Jews who accepted Jesus were allowed, if they so choose, to continue practicing circumsision. Although this was not necessary, choosing to do so would not be sinful. The same applied to a gentile convert.

The fact that a person feels called to ministry is not necessarily justification for becoming an ordained minister.

(George Tichy) #149

This is not accurate. The result of the vote is accepted, because it was legit.
The real problem, that is not going away, is that there are many people who appear to refuse reading the question that was actually voted. Nothing but this.

It was NOT a vote on WO, this for sure - just read the question presented by the GC! It is crystal clear.

(Johnny Carson) #150

I think you’re wasting your precious time, George! This is the same mantra @bvj_01 has been repeating over and over on every thread possible. It’s kind of like our laughing stock of a president, you know? 45 knows that if he repeats the same lie often enough some people will believe him.


Not just “some people.” Fully one third don’t care what he says–they swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

You are right, they don’t care.

Sexual predator.
Making fun and mocking the disabled.
Blatant lying daily.
On and on…

Accuracy means nothing. Facts and credibility are thrown out the window.
People just care about whether they are making money on the stock market and blame the poor if they are not.

I won’t go on.

(Kevin Seidel) #152

They are just happy that he upsets people they detest.