Tithe: the Biggest Story of the Year

(Frank Peacham) #42

Who really cares how church Administration spends money on their entitlements? All this money, 50 million every week, must be a direct sign of God’s blessings, they reason. They can reason, “We are doing something right.” But it is polar opposite of the administration of Jesus, who viewed wealth, as in the Rich man and Lazarus, as a real danger. Pope Leo X, said, “Since God gave us the papacy, let us enjoy it.” Has this become the model of church leadership?


Speaking of financial hardship, I’ll have you know Doug Batchelor sold his personal airplane in order to build his version of the tabernacle. Oh, wait… does that apply?

(Frankmer7) #44

What?? I’m in the dark about this one, Paul. Please, fill me in.




You haven’t heard of the W.O.R.D. Center that Batchelor is building in Sacramento? Poor guy had to sell his plane to build it although I hear it has a helipad so stay tuned. You will want to pilgrimage to it once complete :wink:

From the website:

Have you ever noticed in Scripture that during times of revival among God’s people, a building project was often taking place?

For instance, Elisha was building the school of the prophets. Nehemiah was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. King Hezekiah was preparing for an Assyrian invasion by building “up all the wall that was broken, [raising] it up to the towers, and [building] another wall outside” (2 Chronicles 32:5). King Solomon’s reign, one of the most prosperous periods in Israel’s history, was marked especially by the construction of a magnificent temple for the Lord.

These stories remind me that as Amazing Facts continues to build the W.O.R.D. Center, the new headquarters we’ve dedicated to God’s glory…


Come on. It’s not only SDA. Wherever you turn in Christianity, the sheep are there to be fleeced.

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Just for accuracy’s sake, the increase in the United States was $55 million; while a dramatic increase, not half a billion dollars!



(Cfowler) #49

I never said it was only SDA. There are lots of false teachers out there who are con men (and women) of the worse sort.

But, there are truly Christian churches where tithing isn’t part of their doctrine. Giving is done as you are led to give. So no, I don’t think it’s “everywhere”. There are great Christian churches and groups.

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Didn’t he sell the plane because he was buying a bigger one who could take him overseas as he expands his ministry? I think I heard something about it some time ago. Not sure though.

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Can I sign up right now? There may be a special on the tickets if you buy in advance. I cant’t wait… :roll_eyes: :innocent:


Sure. Great Christian churches with great sermons preached to those same struggling folk on “the joys of giving”. It isn’t so much an issue of the con men, as it is of a system in which this constant, pervasive, indiscriminate fundraising drive is deemed both normal and necessary.

(Cfowler) #53

I can’t look at the link at the moment. I can only speak to the churches that I’ve attended, which isn’t a huge number, and some of the experiences that others have spoken about as to how giving is handled in their church. It isn’t by any means a constant, pervasive fundraising. It just isn’t.

Thanks for the link. I’ll read it later. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m trying to understand if this is sarcasm or not…

To be clear you are suggesting that Donald Trump is the reason for financial tithe growth in the Seventh-day Adventist church?

So many things I could say. But I won’t.

God Bless You


I suspect it’s not as high as you think (although more now since they moved out of the GC buildings and purchased their own).

I Googled and came up with 2016 results and 2018 budget. In 2016 Admin costs are 9.2% of total costs or about 10.7 million. Education, Tithe Appropriations (not sure what that is) and church missions are all higher.

Having seen some numbers on (a) our local conference and (b) one of our schools, salary and payroll burden are always the top of the cost structure.



Not sarcasm at all !

Just plain logic…


If the income of Adventists in NAD increases then of necessity, tithe increases.

Thanks to Trump, our economy is booming, with huge benefits to our minority groups.

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians now enjoy not only rising salaries, but the lowest unemployment rates in history.

Since our NAD division is heavily weighted with a minority demographic, it stands to reason that if more of our minority Adventists are employed and enjoying growing salaries, tithe of necessity will increase!

God bless Donald Trump for increasing my IRA due to a booming sttock market, and for increasing SDA tithe in the NAD,

I myself have not marked my church donations “TITHE “ for. many decades, preferring to give my very generous donations to my local congregation, ( Methodist ),

/ or to SPECTRUM ( for its transparent reporting of SDA news— otherwise we would only have the FAKE NEWS propaganda from the GC )

/ or to extremely worthy charities like DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS , one of the most stellar humanitarian outreach groups on the planet!

Why would I give my hard earned money to support the multiple wasteful levels of management in the NAD.??


I have mixed feelings on the subject of tithe. To be clear, I’m a practicing SDA, very involved in my local church, my kids attend (one attends, one graduated) SDA school.

As a small business owner, I get solicited for every kind of donation under the sun. My normal response is that I’m already committed but if they send me audited financials, I’ll at least review them. Few charities do. One gauge of a charity’s effectiveness is how much of the collected funds goes to programming versus how much goes to overhead. When you look at church giving, especially local, most goes to overhead (building, utilities, etc.). I guess you can call pastoral salaries programming, but that’s not paid by the local church but by the Conference. When you look at the conference, most of their costs are in programming (pastoral salaries, etc. and school expenses).

Every non-profit is funded by donations, the church is not unique in this. Seems to me that there are several questions for the conscientious giver who is a Christian.

  1. As a Christian, what would Jesus want me to do with funds that I give?
  2. How will giving help the causes I think are important
  3. What are those causes? Is it spreading the Gospel? Helping those in need? Or something else?

So, why do you give?


(Frankmer7) #59

The whole idea of celebrity evangelist /ministry just turns my stomach. This man along with others in other denominations are lionized, like spiritual rock stars. DB’s word is treated like the gold standard in Adventism, even though his theology is little more than acontextual proof texting. Now, private planes and traversing the globe in them are being traded in for the super duper headquarters. It’s just not what ministry is supposed to be about.



(Elmer Cupino) #60

For 23 years, Doug & Karen enjoyed their airplane to visit their mountain cabin . On the 24th year they decided it was not fair to continue with the airplane while others sacrificed to donate to their cause. What took them 23 years?

I’d love to take these guys to my couch and have a conversation. Or refer them to Dr. George Tichy @GeorgeTichy

(C. Evans) #61

I work with a very nice lady, a former student that I was close too. We banter back and forth and talk about Bibical points. She has a Friday night Bible study group currently in study of Dougs Revelation interputations. She shares with me what is being said. It appears that in my life the dates seem to be moving given that they didn’t match up 30 years ago. I asked her why the dates keep moving and she looked at me and said, what do you mean.

She is a lady that has no idea that if Doug tried to do a Revelation Seminar today with dates back in the 60’s he would look like a fool. Doug, and good for him, he has built a empire. A empire build on fraud and deception. Many buy in but many say hey wait a minute, what happened in the 60’s

(George Tichy) #62

In that case, saying nothing is wisdom.
Imagine… the Church getting more tithes because of Trump. Really laughable…