Tithe: the Biggest Story of the Year

(Tim Teichman) #63

I’m going to go throw up.

(George Tichy) #64

:astonished: I can’t believe that this kind of propaganda is still being tried. It’s an offense to the American people to assume that their IQ is so low that they will actually buy into it.

(Tim Teichman) #65

You would probably like this book. It’s a great read and from a devout Christian who thinks we’ve gone astray from the original New Testament faith. I agree:


Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices

(George Tichy) #66

Please don’t.
They would not like my straightforward questions…
And I probably wouldn’t like their BS (Beautiful Statements).

(Steve Mga) #67

Pagan Christianity.
It is a great book for understanding some of the traditions in the SDA church
that have Catholic Church roots.
I found it very revealing and fascinating.

(Tim Teichman) #68

I thought it was Blue Sky:

(Steve Mga) #69

C. Evans –
Charisma trumps over Presentation.
That is why he can say about anything [think role of women] and no one
blinks an eye. Just stay enraptured with everything he says.
If people gave to the church what they give to him, there would have been a
MUCH larger gain in revenue than was declared.

(Tim Teichman) #70

I expect they have a Kool-Aid dispenser in the foyer.

(George Tichy) #71

They are actually the manufacturers of Kool-Aid… :wink:

(C. Evans) #72

Spot on Steve, spot on. People are locked on because to them the time of the end just scares the living daylights out of them. They have to have a date even though scripture says no one knows the time but God himself.
There must be some kind of comfort in having someone tell them their end of time. A few years ago a well meaning friend gave me his workbook he uses. He was bending scripture, inturputing scripture, basically jumping all over the place to get times and dates to match the seven last plagues to match up. I will give him credit for being good but that doesn’t mean I buy his rhetoric.

(Cfowler) #73

I have totally missed the charismatic aspect of this speaker.


Me, too…


I don’t doubt that this sentence accurately describes what happened,
yet seeing it in print is a startling eye-opener. Apparently it has become appropriate to address our prayers to SDA leaders, but will they answer our prayers ?

“Our Father who is in heaven. . . may I please put You on ‘hold’ while I speak to the church leaders ?”

Maybe our prayers should be burned.


Sorry George, but FACTS are FACTS.

The unemployment numbers are INDISPUTABLE. ;

Blacks, Hispanics Asians have the LOWEST unemployment rates in history — thanks to Trump’s stimulation of small businesses by reducing their punitive, burdensome regulations.

Also he has enticed numerous large corporations to re-enter the US by significantly reducing corporate tax rates here — previously the highest on the planet, and.now ultra favorable.

All this has stimulated JOBS. —even women and teenagers have the lowliest unemployment rates in decades!

Thanks to Trump’s booming economy,y median household incomes are rising to RECORD HIGHS — the happy fallout from this — record high tithe receipts!

Why are you labeling these well known facts as propaganda?.

If the Democrats would close our borders to hordes of illegals willing to work for less ,thus depressing wages for the lowest echelon, then wages for the.working class would rise even further.


"One gauge of a charity’s effectiveness is how much of the collected funds goes to programming versus how much goes to overhead. "

Another guage is to evaluate how much a charity harnesses volunteers who contribute significantly beyond the financial statement.

Local church accounts are heavy on overheads, but would not be so if the time of volunteers were priced in.

By similar token, some Conference departments are aimed at making volunteers effective.

The financial efficacy of Adventism can’t be evaluated solely through the pastoral economy, though not an excuse for holding it accountable.

(Carlo Schroeder) #79

It is interesting to hear your comments and hopefully we can learn from each other, and also respect our different points of view. The present structure is not bad, and it was installed as a balance to prevent monopoly of the GC, each component segment had inherit rights. Maybe there should be a reduction of conferences or unions, but also a down sizing of the GC, because the GC needs to be an effective communicator and connector of the global church, and not a self proclaimed government of the global church. Also, the tithe increase doesn’t mean actual increase in local projects or activities, but money in the bank.
Now locally speaking -Mexico , tithe is “designated” for the male , while administration staff ( usually female ) get no real financial aid except salary. The male is given every financial allowance possible, like education, medical aid, housing allowance, amenities allowance, etc but female and especially married female workers are not regarded worthy of these allowances. So all this money entering the church, means nothing to me, because the female workers are still be discriminated against.
Find an extract, were it say that the prime purpose of tithe is for the pastor.

(George Tichy) #80

Robin, this is all great. I heard Trump saying exactly the same words before. But he never provided the official figures and names. (Unemployment is already known).
I wonder if you would do it, to substantiate every assertion in your declaration of how great we are doing.

(Peter) #81

Please remember the beloved quote on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your teaming masses yearning to be free…”

Please remember Christ’s directions in Matthew 25:31-46: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ I see those “hordes of illegals” you speak of as “the least of these”. Yes, there is a price to pay for caring for these people, but we have no choice if we wish to honor Christ.

Those people you speak of are NOT all illegals, Robin! Many of them are LEGALLY seeking asylum - a right they have within the laws of the United States. You are very wealthy, sir. But you were an immigrant from a country in which you even now do not feel safe (I’ve heard you speak of that). It should make absolutely no difference how wealthy, or potentially wealthy, an immigrant is so long as they go through American immigration channels. But the President you admire is seeking to block even those seeking asylum. And that, IMHO, does not represent Christian values.

I agree with George. Give us documentation for the facts you assert.

And all this is to say nothing of the foul language, crudeness, and immorality of the president!

(C. Evans) #82

George, you and I both live in California. It’s not just republicans or Trump who can create jobs. Plain and simple it is deregulation of stupid laws created by BOTH parties that has surpressed employment.
Let me give you an example. California governor, Gavin Newsome, a big time democratic and probably a candidate for president in either 2020 or 2024 recently told the enviornmental lobby which had bought and paid for the previous Govenor Jerry “moonbeam” Brown that the states fire department was to start clearing out fire lands of dead trees and brush which create fuel for fires. Cal Fire has hired thousands of men and women to begin this task. It will probably take five years to do this job. A democrat made jobs through deregulation.
Our Federal Government, both groups have placed so many regulations of people and businesses that they have chocked the living H out of us. And we the people just sit back and let the pin heads in Washington who by the way do not live in the real world do it.

(Cfowler) #83

I read the link. I can’t disagree with anything in it. Thanks.
I think that our giving should be God directed. Whatever the amount, or wherever that might be.