Tithe: the Biggest Story of the Year


Glad you enjoyed it. Actually, its original intent was to illustrate the cheapness of talk. Giving happened to be chosen as a resonant example.

(Tim Teichman) #85

I got this data from data from the 2017 Annual Statistical Report. I reformatted it and added the % total columns. For each column I’ve marked the largest number in bold. Then I added the summary at the bottom, in case it helps:

The NAD, at 7% of world membership, contributes 72% of the tithe to the General Conference.

The NAD contributes $56.50 per person in tithe to the GC. The rest of the world, $1.50 per person.

So, per person the NAD contributes 37 times the rest of the world.

I realize that many or most people in the world are disadvantaged economically. However when an entire Division, Southern Asia - which is India (soon to be the third largest economy in the world), contributes literally only 10 cents per person per year in tithe to the GC, it does imply a certain difference in expectations that could be seen as unfair.

(Lincoln Dunstan) #86

So in summary of ALL the above, closing the coffee shop at the Autumn Session, at the cost of $200K isn’t even “beer money”!!! so why would anyone complain…just shud-up and stop whingeing!!!

(Cfowler) #87


Did they close another coffee shop? At the hotel in Battle Creek (or wherever they were staying)?

Please give more info on this. Am I reading you right?

(Lincoln Dunstan) #88

Maybe it wasn’t Autumn Session. The “full Monty” in Dallas or where ever it was held. Details of this story were written up in Spectrum.

(Cfowler) #89

Are you referring to the GC session where TW was elected? I had some friends who were there in 2010 in Atlanta when TW was elected. I think they said that when TW was elected the Starbucks were closed. This still blows my mind!

(Lincoln Dunstan) #90

The story as I recall was that when TW arrived 2 days after the start, suddenly the coffee shop, which I’m sure sold more than just coffee, suddenly closed for the remainder of the Session. Then some one from Treasury or something actually saw documentary evidence of an amount of around $200K!!,

(Steve Mga) #91

CF –
Yes, the Starbucks was closed. At least the several times I attended a meeting day.
So persons had to go down the street to get their caffeine fix. LOL.

(Cfowler) #92

What are your thoughts on that, Steve? Were you surprised that happened?

(Leandro) #93

The problem is, most of us think that we are giving the tithes to the Melchizedeks but the truth is, we are just feeding the Balaams. As part of being wary, we must also be able to spot wolves.

(George Tichy) #94

Oh, you may be referring to what happened at the GC2015.
Ridiculous! That was an embarrassment!!!

(Lincoln Dunstan) #95

George, I’m in Australia. The “Shut Door Doctrine” on Des did it for me!!! Shutting down the coffee shop for $200K is one thing, but burying and honouring the dead takes everything to the highest possible level fo me!!! Plan “A”, for me is the “Pink slip” on the desk.!!


I am an Adventist and I am a history teacher. I work for a state university. Does that mean I am an “adventist history teacher” and eligible for the new certificate program?


Are the non-US figures given after conversion to USD ?

(Steve Mga) #98

Seemed a little weird manipulating attendees so it looked like everyone
lived a healthy life, and to prevent “temptation” for those who used a little
caffeine during the day.
We have to realize there were a lot of non-SDA employees that worked at
the convention center. It could have made a hardship on them not being able
to get their “usual” during the day.
I guess it was thought that the SDAs were “witnessing” to the non-believers.

(Frankmer7) #99

I had heard the same, I think I even read it in a piece on this site, Carol. Talk about cult like control. If you have to do that to ensure that your members/delegates behave, then you have a 'gospel" that isn’t worth a dime.

And, what about the business itself, and the manager and workers who draw their salaries from it? It interfered with their making a living. Delegates having the “temptation” of coffee drinking removed was more important than those people? What about the idea that people go to Starbucks to socialize and spend time together? They had to have a social meeting place closed for the sake of enforcing an Adventist taboo?

Did they close Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and Dunkin’ Donuts, as well?? Absolutely crazymaking religion!!


(Tim Teichman) #100

Yes, I think the annual reports are all in USD.

Here are the two most recent reports:

And the page where you can get them all since 1899:
ASR - All Documents

(George Tichy) #101

The “I was shown” “Shut Door Doctrine” was one major reason I decided, some 40 years ago, to become a "Sola Scriptura"SDA. Nothing but the Bible to be used as source of faith, belief, and doctrine.
I am still in disbelief seeing how many people criticize those who chose to be “Sola Scriptura” Christians. As if there is something wrong with it… :thinking:

(George Tichy) #102

Maybe if you say, “I was shown”.… you may get some attention to your case… LOL

(George Tichy) #103

I heard that the Liquor stores within 5 miles radius got @270K
Thinking of opening a Liquor store close to the place where the GC will meet in 2020. If I get $310K, I am willing to pay tithe… :roll_eyes: