Tithe: the Biggest Story of the Year

(Tim Teichman) #104

Remember in San Antonio the GC (Ted, probably) asked the Starbucks to close at the convention center? It was, apparently, an issue that so many attendees needed their caffeine fix, or perhaps that caffeine would be there in the presence of the faithful.

The closure forced the attendees to walk 100 feet to the next Starbucks - directly across the street. Which of course they did in droves:

(Steve Mga) #105

Frank –
one could get their VegeMeats at the fast food spots. I got mine. Was OK.
One had to trade their Starbucks coffee for Coke, Pepsi, Mt Dew though
there in Atlanta.

(Caddy) #106

Lol, I wonder how many headed outside the camp and up the street for some red heifer burgers?

(Steve Mga) #107

Caddy –
When GC was in Atlanta, Buffalo burgers were available from Montana. LOL.

(Cfowler) #108

I love buffalo burgers. :hamburger: I’m in MT, btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Frankmer7) #109

The point is that if you pressure to close one “unhealthy” food venue, why not go for the gusto, Steve? Get rid of the donuts, the pizza, the burgers, the steakhouse, and any bars in the complex, so no one is tempted. They didn’t do that. Why? Maybe TW likes donuts?

The whole thing is sick and hypocritical. It’s cult control. True Christianity leaves people free on these issues! And people ended up going elsewhere for their coffee. It accomplished nothing except making the church leadership look like spiritually immature, control freak fanatics. What have we seen since in this administration?



(Elmer Cupino) #110

I wonder whether TW asked the convention management to ask all vendors to get rid of all alcoholic beverages and cigarettes located and sold within the convention building.

(Cfowler) #111

You have outdone yourself, Tim! :rofl:

The Starbucks exclusion zone…HP and MHP. Oh boy…:roll_eyes:

(Tim Teichman) #112

I was tempted to put another box inside the Most Holy and label it “Ted”.

(Cfowler) #113

I think I know where you were going. I thought about that too!

(Cfowler) #114

Oh, they were “witnessing” alright…:smirk:

(George Tichy) #115

The closure of a Starbucks like that was one of the most idiotic and childish ideas I’ve ever seen. And, of course, a waste of tithepayers’ money.

It was almost like an attempt to prevent a newly married couple from having sex! Interfering in an adult business where the GC had no business at all.

I still can’t believe that the GC people function at such a low level of maturity and reality. Maybe they did it to promote people’s health, exercise crossing the street. Completely insane!
@elmer_cupino @cincerity

Tim, can you please check on the map where the liquor stores are close to the next meeting? Then I will check if any of them is for sale. Want to be my partner??? Easy money… LOL


Geiger [Mark Geiger, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing for the GWCC] clarified rumors by noting first that the GC management did ask that Starbucks in Building C be closed for the duration of the GC Session, and suggested that caffeinated beverages were the reason. Geiger denied that Starbucks received any remuneration for closing its doors. He noted that the GWCC wanted to keep its customer (the GC) happy. ([See Spectrum story]

(Closed! Adventists Shut Down Starbucks at GC))

If GWCC was in fact paid 200 Grand for that closure, I guess you could say GC effectively bought off all the coffee that Starbucks would have sold there for the 10 days of the session. I wonder, in that case, who drank it all. TW?

(George Tichy) #117

TW? He probably drank only $200K in Kool-Aid… LOL
Fact is that the Starbucks was closed. I doubt they were justso generous and made it out of their “coffee faith”…
Maybe COVFEFE???.. :laughing:

(Cfowler) #118

From the article linked above:

Thursday morning, reports began coming in that the church had also forced a menu change in the Terraces Restaurant, the exclusive dining facility serving the GC inside the World Congress Center. A cashier in the restaurant, located in building B, revealed that General Conference management had asked Terraces to stop serving beef hamburgers. Before Thursday, the restaurant had served both beef and vegetarian patties.

Oh my word…

(Cfowler) #119

I wonder about the people from Starbucks who weren’t working during that time. Did they get any compensation for being unemployed for several days? It would be great if an explanation (full disclosure) could be issued, but I don’t think complete transparency is something that can be counted on.

(Kim Green) #120

This is nothing but a thinly-veiled “fund-raiser”…unbelievable!

Doug B. is virtually saying that the SDA schools and hospitals are not doing their “job” so he has the answer to this- The WORD school! It does not surprise me that he (and his) are going this route. After all…it is all about spreading the “Word”(!?!). Actually, it is all about spreading the Last Generation Theology- not Christianity per se.

In the video, Mrs. B, is demurely dressed in an outfit that I have seen many a modern nun wear. She does not contribute to the conversation except to occasionally murmur some affirmations to what DB is saying. I suppose that I should not be surprised about this given Doug B.'s viewpoint on women…

How wonderful of him to “sacrifice” his plane and make this into yet another “info-commercial” to encourage the Faithful to donate those other millions needed to finish this school. Doug B. took the family entertainment genes and turned to religion. There is more than one way to get into “show business” and he is right there…a “STAR”.:star2:

@cfowler @elmer_cupino @frank_merendino @GeorgeTichy

(C. Evans) #121

Carol the buying off Starbucks had nothing to do with the belief that coffee or caffeine was bad. It had to do with not wanting a bunch of people walking around with Starbucks cups in their hands and hurting a stupid, undefensable image. Leadership doesn’t really believe coffee is bad… They are worried about a image.

(Cfowler) #122

Yeah, never thought about people walking around with the cups. Glad to know that people have their priorities in order!

(Cfowler) #123

True. The men can look modern and normal, but the women, many times, must look plain, dowdy and old fashioned.