Tithe: the Biggest Story of the Year

(Kim Green) #164


We should start on a cookbook! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

(Robert Ambler) #165

Problem is the GC and lower administrative levels (Unions / Conferences) develop payroll positions just for spouses of administrators- Example: the GC made a position for a spouse to be in charge of ‘prayer’.

(George Tichy) #166

I’m sure this work is paid by the hour, right? I wonder how much they pay? I could take this job, working from home… … :wink: :innocent:

(Tim Teichman) #167

Tease! I don’t have the answer. (Sorry.)

(Tim Teichman) #168

Ha! We’re an insurance company!


(Tim Teichman) #169

Make sure to charge them by the value you deliver, not the time you spend praying.

See how that goes over.

– Deep Thoughts with Tim.

(Steve Mga) #170

Health –
A number of my Episcopal church friends have been Vegan for around 10 years.
At church “pot lucks” there things are listed “meat”, “vegetarian”, “vegan”. Been
like that for around 10 years now.
But one does have to get there early and be in the early line up to be able to get
a piece of the Pastor’s beer bread. That is one of his specialties. [in his former life
he lived in Paris for a while and took French cooking classes. So he is also quite a
French chef and experiments on us often.]

(Steve Mga) #171

Tim, Mel
I believe the church is “self insured” so promotes “safe practices” of employees,
volunteers, church buildings, school buildings, and grounds.

(George Tichy) #172

My fee per hour is pretty good… And my hour is only 50 minutes anyway. (It’s not cheating…)

(Kim Green) #173

I truly believe that there isn’t just one ‘special” or ‘holy” diet…what works for one does not work for another! I do support what this church is doing because it allows choice without condemnation.

(Steve Mga) #174

Kim –
A number of years ago [probably 6 or so] before the family moved away for
a better paying job, I was sitting at this table at pot-luck. And the conversation
went to vacation in Florida with those sitting there. The conversation then
went to what fun it was to go on florida fishing trips for the day. This one
man [one who has moved away] talked about catching a lot of fish. Bringing
them home and storing them in his freezer. Several others said how they
liked fish.
AND here we were – ALL eating vegetarian!! Yes, it may be the LAW to
be VEGE at church dinners, but for many that is the only place. LOL.

(Kim Green) #175

So true…my husband and I taught a Earliteen class years ago. When we asked the children there what they had done for Thanksgiving, we got some interesting responses like a pig roast! Of course, the different cultural churches have no qualms about eating meat at THEIR potlucks. I once saw a mound of fish at a Samoan get-together at church. :laughing:

(Steve Mga) #176

One Sabbath several years ago I was at a pig roast at St. Francis. Helped to
chop it up in small pieces for the BBQ that was scheduled. But there was LOTS
of other food for me to choose [I’m a vege, not a vegan] from and have fellowship
with friends. Actually, they have known I’m a “vege” since 2005 when I first
began visiting. But I didn’t have to “announce” it. Just quietly picked and chose.


The Adventist church is a business now. With it comes salaries and expenditures that would make our founders turn over in their graves. They did not want any swearing in about fundamental beliefs either. Your tithe money is spent in a variety of ways, as is your offerings. Very little of it nowadays go to where it should be. Salaries, benefits, retirement take a huge chunk. https://the-undercover-adventist.blogspot.com/2018/04/stewardship-adventists-were-duped.html

(Kim Green) #178

I agree. You shouldn’t have to “preach” about your beliefs…just live them. If others notice a difference and are curious- they will certainly ask!

(Kim Green) #179

Stephen, it has been a business since they incorporated in Battle Creek, Michigan, on May 21, 1863, with a membership of 3,500. So much has changed…some of it good, some of it not so good. But I do believe that the Founders wouldn’t recognize what it has become. Most of them, I wager, wouldn’t be pleased with much of the “changes” (including the creedal 28 FB). It is a good thing that they are all dead now…

(Robert Lindbeck) #180

So true. The work being done in the area of genomics and nutrition is eye opening. Based on our genetics we can “react/process” nutrients differently. The recommended diet for one person may (probably isn’t) the best diet for another.

(Kim Green) #181

It is fascinating and we will know so much more about the genetic link in time.


In support of your documentation, the NAD Remuneration Scale, effective Jan 2018 contains several interesting tidbits.