To All My Relations: Indigenous Knowledge and the Lord’s Supper

As a server at an East Indian restaurant, it was highly entertaining to watch people eat super spicy food. My manager even told me to pass on a warning about our hottest dish, due to the fact that it was “East Indian hot” not “white man hot.” But that never seemed to deter people from trying it, especially guys on dates who tried to impress the girl with their supposed spicy food tolerances; it never worked. Beyond laughing at those red and sweaty faces came something I had not expected while serving at this family-owned restaurant: the result of being around a table of food.

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Thank you, Kevin R. McCarty; a piece of beautiful writing. I had no idea of who the T’exelcemc People are or what the Secwepemc Nation is either, so I had to look them up. Thanks for expanding my horizons.

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