To Save Some

Yes, and how is it different from what the article suggested of becoming a philosopher to philosophers?

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Read on. Read the entire post.

You’re like a man who chops off the head of a chicken and turns to his son and says of the flailing headless thing, “How different is that from a live chicken? It’s moving, isn’t it?”


You didn’t really answer the question. Restrictions come in different shapes and sizes.

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That is VERY true.


Ah, James, I count “you are” three times. That’s ad hominem cubed! :astonished:

Even one is too much!::slightly_smiling_face:


But I counted just two.

You’re like an old man who regales his grandson with tall tales, saying “See son, I was in the army and suffered one straight through this here right hand of mine. Lost a finger to boot.” He held up his hand to show the lad.

“But gramps,” the son says, “you’ve got four fingers!”

“That’s right, son,” he says. “Remember when I had all five, strong and healthy. Those were the days.”


Now there’s three.ŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒ


What a blessing if this were to be the mainstream Adventist approach.

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