To the Church In Keene, Texas: A Letter of Apology


Good point, Elmer.

The pastors wife took the sermon at our church, last Sabbath, and it was very good; I mean really good. Men and women look at Scripture differently, each have the ability to pull things out of a text the other cannot see.

If it wasnt for God calling Ellen White, I doubt very much many of the no WO side would even allow women to talk, let alone preach. And I say that with honesty and in all seriousness. How? Because of the way they interpret Scripture in its rigidness. What else is one left to think. I’m pretty sure people like John Macarthur and many other prominent Calvinists (I should also add, some Arminianists) do not even allow women to preach. Their understanding of Scripture, regarding women, is almost 100% the same as our no WO side. So, then, it would only be logical to assume, if it were not for Ellen White, they would also be arguing against women preaching, even taking Sabbath school classes, among many other things. To think otherwise would be to ignore the obvious.

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Very weell stated, and demonstrates good character. Thank you for the courage to retract, reevaluate, and rewrite. Excellent judgment which preserves the integrity of Spectrum and lends to increasing respect for your talent and abilites that are well expressed in this journal. I look forward to more penetrating journalism from your pen in the future.



Sorry I don’t . I will try to do that in the future . With so many good commentaries and so many books with good illustrations that are available , Pastors need to spend money on those things . I am doing a doctorate in preaching at Gordon Conwell and some of the things we learned in the importance of stories in your sermons , how do exegesis and preach with passion . Pastors need to be held accountable like all the rest of professionals . If you are a comedian and " your act " is terrible . people will let you know . But somehow we just throw the line " I have been called by God " well if you are show me that . If you are NOT feeding your congregation , you need to go . I wouldn’t wait to be fired , I would quit before .


Senior Pastors spend most of their time just preparing for sermons , they have associates who do the rest of the work . As a district Pastor , we visit , we counsel people and still need to spend time preparing sermons . But the Andrews Seminary is not doing proper training , I have never met anyone who didn’t graduate from Andrews . All finished their Mdivs , there is a lof of pressure from the conferences to graduate their interns so they can go back on the field even if they are not ready .

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Your posts have a familiar ring to them. Ya give those of us with pen names a bad rep.

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@BeingHonest just joined 2 days ago. At best knows nothing about those of us who have been on this site for a while. At worst is a reincarnation of those from the past who attack and ridicule in a manner lacking in perception or courtesy.

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Even with Ellen in our history many do that.

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Perhaps Most Adventist Men AND Women see Ellen as an anomaly, see her has a “freak” so to speak, among ALL the Women in the World that God has made. Envision her as an Abnormally made Woman by God. And so we cant really take her as a “normal” example for Women in the SDA church.

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Perhaps it is good to keep in mind that the videos of her sermons are limited and it sounds like Keene is a church that isn’t too keen on its pastors as they seem come and go with an unhealthy frequency per a post I saw of one who attends there. Hence, it could well be the sermons we are able to see of the recent nature are actually expressing “background noise.” Lack of preparation due to distractions in the “workplace” definitely effects a persons preparation and even delivery. We can talk of preparation all we want, but if a pastor finds themselves in a congregation that has more of a washing machine agitation to it, the ability to prioritize is made very difficult.

I have pastored over 20 years. I would like to say all of my sermons were spot on and incredibly engaging. I would be lying. I have even had weeks in which my preparation was plenty adequate only to walk into the pulpit and the whole thing fall flat. Certainly spicing things up with stories are important, especially if a pastor can drawn them recently from their own experience. But if you are in conflict within your workplace, which it sounds as if that was indeed the case with this situation, emotional, mental and spiritual preparation in sermon development and delivery suffer. I have experienced those lulls and thankful to have worked through them as all pastors must do.

What I understand, too, is that she was very successful in the previous church she was at. Unfortunately this fit didn’t fit. Maybe the homework on learning about her style and personality was faulty, perhaps there was a rush to get a woman in Keene (we don’t know for sure), but it is apparent that some lines got crossed and the fit wasn’t ever achieved. Those can be very painful moments for a pastor’s life. It can lead to one reassessing their calling even after you have been confirmed in the Spirit for years. Pastor Jennifer hasn’t had it easy and I think it is important that she needs our sympathy and compassion as any child of God that are experiencing hard times. I wish her all the best and pray the church in Keene can coalesce into a congregation that doesn’t run pastors through a mill.

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Didn’t you start all this with your post on ADvindicate? Now you have a commentary on Jared?

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Jared!!! I am proud of you and look forward to more of what you have to share with us!

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Or has not been honest enough to reveal if he has been here before with other name.
For two days it seems he (or she?) knows quite a bit about other people here.
Let’s be gracious and patient once again with the (supposedly) newcomer… :wink:

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This prophetic business is becoming way too competitive.
Do you think it’s safer to invest timer in writing boox instead?

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I was referring to Jared’s prior two articles that were pulled out. I think that, based on his honesty, transparency, and kindness we will no longer remember that those articles were write. Forgiving is also forgetting!

Now, regarding your comment about Chris Oberg, whatever you had in mind, it appears very strange to me.

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I was just wondering whether you were aware of how harsh your comments came through (" her sermons were not very good .") particularly given someone who had just lost an assignment. At issue here is how to cope with trials as no one can be perfect, never mind the LGTers, and certainly @JaredWright just showed us how to practice the “Golden Rule.” While I’m glad you have had success as a pastor to date, I pray that you never get into the same predicament of losing a job or if you did, others would be more understanding and supportive.

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I think you paint a very narrow view of how to assess a minister of religion. A comedian is a false comparison.

I’m also surprised you need to do a PhD in preaching. But, hey, each to his own.

The role of pastor is extremely broad and almost limitless in its application.

A great preacher doesn’t denote a great pastor.

The touch points between parishioners and their pastor’s, I would suggest lie mostly outside the sanctuary service.

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I’m sticking with being a “shrink.” :laughing:

Your big test is coming!!! Come join me should you pleasantly lose on your prophecy.

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Yes, and has been a real pill since then. I encourage a policy of non-engagement. Seems to lower my blood pressure.

(And we have done some deleting of comments. We try to give new people some rope to learn how to interact, with nudges from us. And, the views expressed (however sub-optimally) are germane to the situation. But this is a problematic case being monitored. - website editor)

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I think Dr. Tichy has the grace to refrain from responding to such a ridiculous comment. But even though I’m not a PhD, and I will respond in his defense.

I’m not sure why his comments (with which I often disagree) would cast doubt on his level of education. The fact that someone has a PhD in a particular area is irrelevant to their opinions on other topics. What should the comments from a PhD look like? Should they be interspersed with technical sounding language?

Your criticism of Dr. Tichy leaves me puzzled. Maybe if I had a PhD I might understand. On second thought, I doubt it.

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Have you heard of the minister who dies and ends up in the 3rd circle in heaven? He meets his cabbie who has been assigned to the 2nd circle of heaven. When the minister meets St. Peter he complains, “I’ve preached all my life and end up in the 3rd circle while the cabbie ends up in 2nd circle of heaven. That’s unfair.” St. Peter replies, “You have preached all your life but while you preached your members slept whereas while the cabbie drove, his passengers always prayed.”

Let’s be careful with what we complain about. :smile: