To the Church In Keene, Texas: A Letter of Apology


my advice for all the pastors out there is don’t buy a house in the first two years Unless you like the area and you have other opportunities if you get fired . Some Pastors stay in churches even though they are not doing a good job because they don’t know anything else to do . They have lost their passion but they need the income .Seminaries are offering dual degrees now , hopefully that will help Pastors quit more often and churches need to tell the pastors the areas they need to improve . Meet with them at least twice a year and review those positives areas and also those areas that need improvement .


cherry , I think one of the problems is that most Pastors don’t have an opportunity to grow , for me it helped me that my Dad was also a Pastor but mentoring in non existent for young Pastors . The Adventist church does a terrible job with interns . we get thrown in to large districts , dying churches , churches with a lot of issues that ordained Pastors don’t want to go but because we just need an opportunity we take those churches , it is frustrating . I talked to Pastors all the time and they tell me how discouraged they are . Instead of placing intern pastors with experienced Pastors to be mentored by them . we don’t take advantage of older pastors , I think pastors like John Brunt can contribute a lot to our church mentoring young Pastors but the conferences just want to place these young pastors in difficult situations so they can" show that they have been called "in this process many lose their faith and passion for ministry .

(Tom Loop) #87

What you say is true and regrettable. I was head elder about 25 years ago when we had a young pastor who desparately tried to move our ultra conservative church in a more progressive direction. He wasn’t even challenging anything status quo except he tried to make our church more user friendly by introducing a few contemporary things. That was about the time celebration worship was in it’s infancy. While I was more of a traditionalist I stood behind him, as did the board of elders.
but there was an undercurrent of critics who made life so miserable for him he finally took another call. That was in 1991.

The church there has dwindled down till it is actually smaller than when I was a child growing up there. It is now in a district with another church 35 miles away. The town has doubled in population over the same period the church has shrunk by half.

How ironic that the pastor who won my heart to Jesus 35 years ago is back pastoring that same church today that he pastored from 1976-1980. He is 6 years older than me, but he is a real gem. He is the one who introduced me to Spectrum.

(George Tichy) #88

Don’t worry: LGT will never become an official “theology” in the Adventist Church. It will always be what it is, a preaching of an heresy called perfectionism. And if any GC Prez dares to support it, he (she?) will be quickly ostracized by the respected theological community in the Church.

(Frank Peacham) #89

I am saddened when in the name of theology believers justify unkindness. I wish the holy, quiet and restful time of the Sabbath would bring corresponding results in believers. As Adventist we fight with each other as often as Sunday keepers.

(Elmer Cupino) #90

Seen at an entrance to a church.

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.[quote=“frankpeachamvt, post:89, topic:8430”]
As Adventist we fight with each other as often as Sunday keepers.

People on the outside looking in must think we are an ecclesiastical debating society. I admit that sometimes I get intolerant of the intolerant. I sincerely hope that the CG session next month in Alamo Town produces positive changes, and not more of the status quo.

(Frank Peacham) #92

Last night at VBS the director had the children shout the slogan" “How do we love God? By obeying Him.” I wish our theology would instead say: “How do we love God? By being kind, caring, and sympathetic to others.”


neither your beliefs nor your behavior ,Jesus does ! he makes us better persons !

(Cfowler) #94

What does that mean?

(Frank Peacham) #95

I was thinking of the the many splits in the Baptist church.

(Cfowler) #96

Not like “cats in a gunny sack” with no way out. :wink:

I wish "Sunday-keepers* could be referred to as Christians. A girl can dream. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mark Cady, MD) #97

Never let labels dissuade or marginalize you from the Truth. Who/what is it we worship, cherish, love and adore? Diety or doctrine (beliefs), Christ or confession (rules)?

“Come unto me”, He invites with love so clearly. “Let my Spirit set you free!”

Christians have loved, lived and died for Christ through the centuries. And all that time His Spirit has been ever more drawing us into Truth. Simply submit, He will show us to the Master in unmistakable ways.

Let Him care for the days that we worship.


I can vouch that she was quite successful in her previous church in creating ministries that activated her church as well as increased their outreach to their community which continues to this day. Her Head Elder strongly endorsed her activities in leading out their church.
The previous company I attended was districted with that church and she served us more than any previous pastor. Even though that church was 45 minutes away, she was able to get some of her members to also drive up when she was serving our company. Her sermons were theologically solid and heartfelt messages of love and hope.
It was sad to see her and her family leave the area.

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