Toward a Post-COVID Church — Part 2

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Hope your suggestions come to fruition, but, I just can not see it happening. In my view, it would require a change in theological direction and that will not happen.

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The above description appears to be truer in the NAD than where I’d been. Where I’d been, the following condition still prevails.


“Because worship has been turned into a performance, the inevitable result has been the relegation of members to consumers whose spiritual experience is defined by what happens on the pulpit. The emergence of venerated pulpit celebrities whom leaders excessively depend on to deliver what has become religious entertainment to passive congregants means that the pulpit area is now sacred territory. Instead of equipping members for service, focus is on indoctrination through an endless series of presentations whose value is more cognitive than practical. As a result, we have churches that are run on and through departments trying to fulfil some prescribed agenda for reporting purposes.”

This is an excellent analysis that we need to study and consider as a church and as individuals called to be a part of God’s remnant.

Most of us will not be returning to large social gatherings, including church services, until widespread testing and vaccines are available. That continues to be a question mark. Even when health limitations loosen, the majority of people, especially older people and those in the high-risk categories, will not immediately return to our church gatherings. After all, health experts have been warning us for months now that the best thing we can do to protect ourselves and protect others is to stay at home if at all possible.

“Normal” isn’t coming back. The question many of us are asking is this: “How must the church change now for a ‘new’ normal?”

There are two basic changes that churches will need to make as a result of this pandemic crisis:

  1. Change from teaching to equipping.

Teaching is important, but just about every environment and program churches have offered in the past was designed to teach people using one-way (preaching) communication rather than equipping people with the methods and opportunities/resources they needed, to study the Bible, and live out God’s mission for their lives.

  1. Change from gathering to connecting.

Even before this crisis, people had less and less time to gather at the church. God designed us to need one another. Weeks and months of social distancing will make people more aware than ever that it’s not good to be alone. Churches were not winning by adding more and more events to their calendars. Even more so after this crisis, people will understand the need for friendship and community.

True learning takes place when there is a change in behavior. We need these changes. These are the two basic areas that II think churches need to be changing beginning today. Not when the church reopens. If you wait until then, it’ll probably be too late. It will be too easy to go back to doing church the way we’ve always done church, and we will have missed the opportunity of capitalizing on what we’re learning through this crisis.


Sam, I like your thoughts. Write an article for us?


Thank you for your invitation. I just submitted one as per your

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Spot on 10 out of 10.

Yes, the theology is wrong. 60years of study and observation of preachers, theologians to me proves that. It is impossible to change the mindset of sheep that have been sheared mentally and physically for generations to change, that is why the Church is now dysfunctional and a gutless wonder in obeying the authorities that slew Jesus and St.Paul. We are obedient to the higher authorities those of God, not man or Hitler or Trump or Biden and their obscene laws on human sexuality, abortion, theft of the workers wages to buy votes etc etc.
Covid 19 has produced no more deaths than last year…politicians keep out of our private lives and worship…yes and vaccinations every year for new Covid viruses. Tax the junk food industry, the biggest killer of all. A basic mask gives no protection against an aerosol virus.
Educate on health not pass insane laws crippling peoples jobs, businesses and mental health while China laughs all the way to the Bank with this virus they let loose on a sick over weight diabetic drug addicted countries of the West.

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We are two different pages! I was responding to the original article so am not sure what theology you are posting about. Your comments seem to be more in the political range.

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“A basic mask gives no protection against an aerosol virus.“

That statement is not correct.


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