Toward an Adventist Theology of Social Justice

(Kim Green) #187

You prefer the hot, dry, weather with earthquakes…I do remember them in the area as a child. :smiley:

(Kim Green) #188

Loma Linda, Pomona, Riverside, etc., used to be much more beautiful during that time period. I remember the fragrance of all the orange, lemon and avocado groves of the 1960’s! Rancho Cucamonga was a stunning place too with just the start of 1950-60 housing developments. I have fond memories of beautiful Monarch butterfies and citus trees.

The only negative was the horrible air pollution of the time. I remember playing at recess at school with my lungs hurting. Fortunately, air pollution has improved but the areas aren’t as pretty and are overpopulated.

I am grateful to have experienced SoCal before the crush of people and over-building. I have great memories of the distinctive lifestyle there…sking to surf-boarding in 24 hours! It was a beautiful state to grow up in.

(Kim Green) #189

I wont deny that was a big issue as well.

(Patrick Travis) #190

We were on the San Bernadino foothills facing South. On a pretty day we could see seems 50 miles south. Remember driving over to Loma Linda elementary daily and my older brother to the Academy. The weather was mild compared to Georgia and nice like Florida where we can do outdoor activities…organized senior softball … almost 360. Beautiful state…strange people…to me now. :slight_smile: We had hamburgers once a week at the first McDonalds location. Fond memories of that time. My dad is buried in Brea. My dad loved Calif. And he moved back there after my parents divorced in the 60’s. I always have thought the folks that graduated from Md.& DDS schools at LLU were a little full of themselves in the Adventist ghetto. :slight_smile:

(William Noel) #191

Happiness depends on your point of view about things. Some of the happiest people I have ever met were those living with the significant physical handicaps or life-threatening diseases.

A number of years ago I was going through a difficult time where I was battling depression and a very cheerful man at work helped me through some of my harder “down” times. I remember one morning we met in the parking lot where he was using crutches and the left pants leg was empty below the knee. That’s when I learned he’d lost the lower part of his leg in combat in Vietnam and his prosthesis was being repaired. Several years ago I took him with me to visit a man who’d had his right foot amputated because of complications from diabetes and he was battling depression. I wish you could have seen the expressions of surprise on the faces of that man and his wife when my friend pulled-up his pants leg to show his prosthesis and began sharing his story. That was the point where the man’s emotional turnaround began because he realized his happiness didn’t depend on his body being complete.

(George Tichy) #192

There is no perfect package. I don’t like the heat (2-3 months peak), but I love the dryness. Had enough humidity and sweating in Brazil for 40 years… Haven’t heard from earthquakes for a long time, and I still prefer them to hurricanes, flooding, twisters etc. in other parts of the country.

Longing for the new earth, where we will all be able to be neighbors in the New Spectrum Village… perfect weather, etc.

(reliquum) #193

Not certain that conflating something as nebulous as “social justice” into something else even more querulous as “adventist theology”. I am certain that the conversation is important, but perhaps not for the ostensibly desired outcome. We should not blind ourselves to the plight of the disenfranchised, but we ought not either view ourselves as “the enfranchised”. Nor should we lower the bar and obfuscate as “victimhood” angst of the mere offended.

The cross is penutlimately offensive, but we carry on as if a thousand different insignificant offenses are each a hundred times more egregious. I suspect if we always remember this we will maintain our priorities. Global warming or bathroom labeling, we’re all bound for the loo otherwise.


The US is not a democracy, It is a Republic. The founders did not want a democracy. They were very clear about that.

(Patrick Travis) #195

Democratic Republic.
Every citizen should read the Federalist Papers #10.
Pure democracy is contentious and dangerous with no way to reign in malicious factions.

(Kim Green) #196

Yes…everything will be perfect. :smiley:

(Kim Green) #197

Adventism greatly benefited from the GI bill- funded schooling. It created a whole upper class in Adventism of Doctors and Dentists. I am pretty sure that there would not be the larger “Adventist Ghetto” without WW2.

(Kim Green) #198

However…in the US our form of government is refered to popularly as a “Democracy” not a “Republic”. It is an issue with culture changing or tweaking language.

(Kim Green) #199

It’s hard to change popular cultural trends- loo bound or not. :laughing:

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Just to acknowledge that our good Spectrumite friend and frequent participant here, great writer of good articles, ANDRÉ REIS, just received his PhD Degree at Avondale College a few minutes ago. I watched the graduation ceremony online.

Congratulations Dr. Reis!!!


Well deserved for this interesting and accomplished fellow… see his profile at the International Adventist Musicians Association’ site:

(Kim Green) #202

Awesome…love his articles! Congrats to him.

(Patrick Travis) #203

The problem is most of those same people don’t have the slightest of the difference and that is a problem. :slight_smile:
Republics depend on an educated populace in simple lessons of civics and we seem to live in an age where deconstruction of this countries landmarks is but sport for some. Same for the Christian faith.

(Patrick Travis) #204

The GI bill benefitted many returning soldiers. So, I guess even SDA’s benefitted from war. :slight_smile: Probably not many turned it down pleading a “pacifist” as reason for rejection.

(Kim Green) #205

Less and less SDA soldiers are claiming “pacifist” since WW2 (so I have been told/heard). But it was the GI bill that enabled Adventism to create a larger than usual “Upper Class” of medical professionals. War is ugly but it did educationally benefit some.

(Kim Green) #206

No…most people in the US wouldn’t know what a “republic” is…for that matter, many may not even know the name of the Vice President. :smiley:

Religious belief and faith goes in waves through time…right now, there are less people claiming membership in an organized Christian church. I tend to believe that Christianity is waning and other faiths may be rising up- which is true according to the Pew Institute.