Trans-European Division Executive Committee Responds to GC Annual Council Warning

Well, you know, I want to be among the first martyrs. They always make history. Maybe one day I can even write a book, uh? :innocent:
Or, imagine Milton Hook @milton007 writing my biography… :roll_eyes: :open_mouth: :innocent:

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Peter, you are right. However, I doubt that the SDAC will officially ever get rid of the ordination ceremony, at least while men are in full control on the top of the Church’s pyramid. I bet the discriminators will actually work hardly on the headshi thing so that their status of “superiority to women” may be continued. It’s something that massages their poor and needy ego!

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The next time TW talks like this can someone ask him directly what the intent of the 2015 vote was. His own remarks following the vote were that nothing changed but his remarks now indicate that that was not the intention. Once TW has clarified the intention of the vote, perhaps we can work on a solution. It is very difficult to solve a problem if the “offended party” does not make clear the root of the issue.

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TW’s unfitness for that office is evident. His administrative ability is very poor, and his pastoral behavior is marked by hypocrisy and lack of sensitivity. I still remember the fiasco at that commissioning ceremony in Australia; that was rude and gross. Then the “grave consequences” comment that was actually a threat.

The man needs to be let go in 2020, with all his minions, and replaced by capable people. Do you think there is any chance for such a miracle to happen?


I honestly believe that,

  1. The intent was to subvert the current power that the Unions have.
  2. Since the $1mi+ TOSC did not reach the conclusion that TW wanted, he dismissed the results and came up with his own question to be voted in the plenary directly by the delegates.
  3. The expected vote was YES, so that the Unions could be stolen of their original authority. Thus they would lose their decision power on ordination.
  4. Now this: I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit confused the delegates’ understanding and they voted as if the question was asking a Y/N vote in favor of women ordination. It was almost like illiterate people who read but didn’t understand it, so they voted according to what they thought it was. And ended up frustrating TW’s Machiavellian plan.
  5. TOSC didn’t do the job, neither did the voting on the in-famous question. Therefore, TW admitted that “nothing changed.” I wonder what power made him admit that? Maybe the same that made a mule speak in the remote past???

too bad you don’t believe the part of the bible that talks about the importance of spiritual gifts and the centrality of the gift of prophecy in the remnant church…

in this case, the GC vote in san antonio doesn’t deserve collegial respect, given that it runs contrary to the bible…i hope that TED, but especially NAD, can maintain a strong stance against it…

i also hope TW can be replaced at Indianapolis2020…he has many excellent qualities, but after 10 yrs of his leadership, our church is more divided than ever…i agree that raafat kamal would be a fine replacement…

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You’ve come a long way and completed a successful pivot.


That doesn’t seem to be limited to a singular person, and it’s arguably not talking about the “fall and not breathe for two hours and then come back describe what one seen” type of prophesy.

It mostly talks about ability to see the context in the broader scope, enough to predict outcomes of the events. That’s who prophets were in antiquity. They gave a range of possibilities of certain choices, each with consequences described for these choices.

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Please explain. What question statement did you write?

The folks in 1888 probably sounded nice too, but they were out of sync with the will of God even though they had a prophet among them. But while the Lord allows the majority to do their thing, we can take courage that there is a remnant that will follow where the Lord leads.

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It was a tongue and cheek sarcasm on my end, but it’s good to see that someone of your persuasion doesn’t approve what Ted Wilson is doing.


ok… made a screen shot. let’s see what happens.

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well, i did give him a chance, and i can say i gave him a chance…but there comes a point where you have to confront true reality on the ground…the no vote he engineered at san antonio, together with the compliance committees at battle creek, which he definitely had a hand in, if he wasn’t the brain child behind it, has led to more division, and feelings of division, than i can recall in my entire life time…meanwhile he’s using arguments for unity and the relevance of a GC vote to continue to force things, when the evidence is clear it’s all wrong…

this is a case of principle run amok, because it’s been diverted along a wrong channel…

who’s saying the gift of prophecy is limited to egw…and i’ve read many reports where the physical manifestations attending egw’s early open visions match what is described in the bible…the fact is we don’t know that the constant inspired impressions she experienced, and led our church with, wasn’t a part of the experience of OT prophets…

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Is that an inconvenient TRUTH?

Probably a heaven sent omen to bring on the final shaking!

She certainly does and when a man dominates a wife, EGW has plenty to say about a woman having mind of her own and how she should use it. (might be a good SOP study)

I like tongue and cheek, but too often when I do it, my tongue gets pinched between my teeth.

On the record: the law was changed. There is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek in Christ. So as long as the church refuses to ordain women, but allows Greeks and Jews (men only) that are not descendants from the tribe of Levi to be ordained, The current church will never do on earth as it is in heaven where the redeemed have been made kings and priests by Christ unto God our Father, The only possible rational for such a state is that there cannot possibly be any women in Heaven.

Of course the real reason for this debacle must be Jesuit infiltration into the remnant with an agenda to turn sound doctrine into papal teachings with the corresponding consequences.

Ouch, I think I bit my tongue

That is why I am entirely against women’s ordination. The idea that a church fixes a problem by expanding the problem is completely wrong. To ordain women to a tradition just makes the tradition more important. Pastors were not to be leaders of the congregation. That sets up an us and them laity vs clerical separation in the congregation. Further it sets up the bureaucracy of clerics running the denomination. Because it establishes you need to be a pastor (ordained) to be in the church hierarchy. If we don’t stop it now at this critical time but pretend it is just a men vs. women thing the church will never get out of the cleric run denomination. What will happen is it will just have some women clerics who will cling to power just as much as men clerics do. Pastors as leaders of the congregation must stop, ordination must stop. It is time to take back the church for the people.


Jeremy, are you sure you know the entire back-story to our "prophet?

In the 1840’s, there was a trance craze in Portland. There was also a day-equals-a-year craze. Ellen Harmon participated in both. She told three different stories about her first public trance. In one version she had a routine fit–**SHE CALLED IT A “FIT”**in a suppressed letter to Joseph Bates–in the midst of a group of Shouting Methodists. A loud charismatic nearby assured her that it was an act of God. Henceforth, she had visions instead of epileptic fits.

Her twin sister rejected her new characterization of these episodes. The proto-SDAs didn’t record and preserve any descriptions or comments by these two women that I’m aware of. More’s the pity.


Of the options presented, I’d go for the choice of a woman, but over and above that, how about we just eliminate the GC altogether, as superfluous to the needs of the church. They do little more than self-justify their own existence by passing down edicts and rules. Time for them to be done away with.


i know everything about this back-story, harry…i also know all about egw’s association with israel dammon, his arrests, and the fact that egw condemned his “fanaticism”, which led to his rejection of her “testimonies”…

i chalk most of this “trance craze”, as you call it, to the fanaticism that swept much of the country, particularly new england, in the wake of the disappointment of 1844…certainly satan understood the significance of 1844, and understood very well that this was a period ripe for a prophet…accordingly, he no doubt stirred the pot with false trances and visions so that the true phenomenon, when it appeared, would be discredited, and rejected…too bad for him it didn’t work…egw’s vision content soared directly to the top of the heap, beginning with her first vision in 1844, and stayed there because many people could sense their power and genuineness…

Really, Kim? You want respect and acknowledgment from authoritarian men…? You’re right… If only! :open_mouth:


Pride, arrogance, narcissism, those who’ve forgotten the most basic principles of holiness:

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,