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Welcome to the Spectrum Podcast.

We'll be providing eclectic content starting today.

Kicking it off right now I'm starting a weekly series on Innovation in Church Work.

These are about seven minute conversations with Adventists who are doing creative things in our community.

Coming up, we'll have:

  • Ray Dabrowski, Director of Communication for the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Chuck Scriven, president of Kettering College of Medical Arts and chairman of Spectrum|Adventist Forum
  • James Standish, directs legislative affairs for the NAD and is the Executive Director of the North American Religious Liberty Association.

But today, first up, we've got Ryan Bell, pastor of the Hollywood SDA Church. As many of you know, evangelism is a hot topic these days in Adventism. There are over 200 comments on the It is Written post. One of the things that I'm interested in is thinking about evangelism constructively, even creatively, beyond the usual stereotypes. Ryan is doing that.

I've posted a link to his church website where you can check it out for yourselves: Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church .

Does this sound too radical or can you share something true, beautiful, or just that your church does or could do to reach out to the community?

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