Truth . . . On Its Own

“The truth has nothing to lose by a careful and close investigation” (Review and Herald, December 20, 1892).

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“gender affirming care”–for children banned in Europe and washington and Oregon parents can be sidestepped if their 12 year opld wants to change–this stuff needs to be regulated by non activists and some long range studies carried out before turning it loose on children. the Nashville trio disrupted a legislative seesion–an “OK Jan 6 iriot”?

Thank you again Jason! But, don’t you think debating about the “truth” of a proposal or proposition requires both sides to agree that (a) A disagreement needs to be pared down to its foundational assumptions. Not easy to do for people who like to default to passion and opinion. (b) Both sides agree that the people most impacted by our disagreement (in your cases, children killed in schools and transgender legislators) deserve a hearing that the other side does not want articulated, (c) cult like devotion (Ala Waco) is like a metastasis that cannot be excised with facts, evidence, careful thought and dispassionate urgings. So sad.


Three elected members of the state legislature in Nashville wanted discussion of their viewpoint of an issue before the legislative body they were elected to, but that was an “OK Jan 6 riot”?? Seriously?

from everything i saw at the time, it was LGBT that outweighed every other consideration…i think the appointment of both President Taylor and Pastor Anderson was a direct pushback towards the perceived increasing openness of Andrews towards LGBT…progressives may not be understanding how conservatives perceive this issue…

oh I thought the best way to have one’s viewpoint discussed was withoutv a mob

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