Tweeting the Meeting: Day Three of GC, Sabbath Edition

Tweets are flying at the Alamodome in San Antonio as delegates, attendees, and media share insights about the proceedings. Here is a roundup of the best tweets from Day 3 at GC.

Sabbath morning began with a hearty, Texas-style breakfast.

Don't mess with Texas #gcsa15 #HappySabbath

— Greg Hudson (@gphudson1) July 4, 2015

Others started the day with a worship thought.

I don't go to the Bible to prove others wrong. I don't go to have theological debates. I go to the Bible to see Jesus. #GCSA2015 #GCSA15

— DP Harris (@8122ac4873be46a) July 4, 2015

Thousands of additional Seventh-day Adventists arrived in San Antonio for the weekend session and a mad dash for seats in the Alamodome ensued.

Participating the #GCSA15 tradition of running around a stadium trying to find a seat. #GC15NW

— seth pierce (@sethjpierce) July 4, 2015

And we didn't have to resort to physical violence to save our seats. #GC15NW #GCSA15 #gcfriends

— seth pierce (@sethjpierce) July 4, 2015

Many wore their native attire to Sabbath School and church.

Today in Adventist Fashion: Featuring Mexico #GCSA15 #GCFashion

— SPECTRUM (@spectrummag) July 4, 2015

@spectrummag Loved Adventist fashion at General Conference since my parents brought slides of the costumes at the 1958 Cleveland GC. #GCSA15

— Pam Harris, PhD APR (@PamMHarris) July 4, 2015

Sabbath School featured an orchestra and a choir.

Love listening to the orchestra. Can't quite hear the choirs. ;) #gcsa15 Longing for heaven.

— Lora Editor (@EditorLora) July 4, 2015

The choir was amazing, the drum beats tempted me to dance, and the clapping offended the people in front of me. #GCSA15 #GC15NW

— seth pierce (@sethjpierce) July 4, 2015

David Asscherick’s speech was well received by many.

@dasscherick you sir just make me want to preach deeper and better sermons, thank you for letting God use you. #blessed #GCSA2015 #inspired

— Harold Alomia (@Alomia14) July 5, 2015

@dasscherick proved once again this am why he's my favorite speaker and one of the greatest thinkers of our generation #GCSA15 #GCSA2015

— Daniel Wahlen (@danielwahlen) July 4, 2015

One twitter user noticed a difference between worship services in the main auditorium and in a smaller venue dedicated to young adults.

The youth are hearing a sermon about reaching and loving our world. The adults are hearing a sermon about prophecy and SDA stats. #GCSA15

— SDAYouthOntario (@SDAYouthOntario) July 4, 2015

Young SDAs have grown up understanding their parents way of worshipping, thinking, & engaging the world. Parents, reciprocate! #GCSA15

— SDAYouthOntario (@SDAYouthOntario) July 4, 2015

The North American Division Report announced a desire to double the number of female pastors over the next five years.

NAD doubling number of women pastors in the next 5 years. God bless the leaders in their efforts. #GCSA15

— Manuela Casti (@manuela1968) July 5, 2015

NAD video promoting female pastors. Some vigorous clapping, some vigorous scowling #GC15NW #GCSA15

— seth pierce (@sethjpierce) July 5, 2015

The NAD report also included statistics on the retention of young adults in the church.

Only 30% of young adults stay involved in church after graduation, @NADadventist shares how they've tried to change that statistic #GCSA15

— King Street SDA (@KingStreetSDA) July 5, 2015

Those who could not make it to San Antonio expressed their desire to be in attendance.

Really wish I was at #GCSA15what a blessing it would be to worship with thousands of fellow Adventists. We are after all one big family!

— the wise (@sifusage) July 5, 2015

In the evening worship service, a children’s choir performed.

How great is our God! #praiseHim #GCSA15

— Vanessa Pujic (@MtkaYouth) July 4, 2015

As night fell, Fourth of July festivities commenced.

Everyone's looking for Heaven? We found it! Check out A La Mode Gelato! Love, @spectrummag #GCSA15 #GCFoodBeat

— Rachel Logan (@ItsRachelLogan) July 5, 2015

Almost 12:45am here in San Antonio and fireworks are still going off outside our hotel window. #GCSA15

— SPECTRUM (@spectrummag) July 5, 2015

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What a variety of tweets - what a diverse church…

I am particular thankful for those tweets that report what is going on in the business meetings. While some deeper summary and analysis will come later, it gives a sense of the atmosphere and an immediacy that will be difficult to obscure later on.