Tweeting the Meeting: Day Two in the Dome

Tweets are flying at the Alamodome in San Antonio as delegates, attendees, and media share insights about the proceedings. Here is a roundup of the best tweets from Day 2 in the Dome.

The morning started out with many gathered in prayer about the important day of voting and decisions ahead.

GC Prayer room was packed most of the morning!!! Standing room only for awhile. PTL! @gcsession #GCSA15 #100days2015

— Melody Mason (@MelodiousEcho) July 3, 2015

Meanwhile, the nominating committee gathered to discuss possible options for the next president.

NomCom working hard at choosing a GC president. R-L: Dick Hart, Homer Trecartin, Leslie Pollard, Cheryl Doss.

— PacificUnionRecorder (@Recorder_SDA) July 3, 2015

Concerns continued to circulate about the gender and age statistics represented in the nominating committee.

Will NomCom include more #Youth and #Women to change lopsided delegates picture? It's time. Need more #inclusive voices. #GCSA15

— Pam Harris, PhD APR (@PamMHarris) July 3, 2015

This is how the nominating committee was broken down statistically:

@carpenterale @mlmcmillan @spectrummag @adventist1962 these are the percentages for the #GCSA15 Nominating Committee

— Jared Wright (@wrightus) July 2, 2015

For more details on the nominating committee, check out this article.

In the morning business session, G.T. Ng, GC Secretary, gave his secretary’s report.

There is a sense of appreciation in the room for a vibrant and passioned presentation by Dr. G. T. Ng. #GCSA15

— SDAYouthOntario (@SDAYouthOntario) July 3, 2015

Dr. G.T. Ng is infusing some much needed energy into the Alamodome this morning. You know, in place of caffeine. #GCSA15

— Alisa Williams (@AWWritesStories) July 3, 2015

The Secretary’s Report was followed by the Statistical Report, given by David Trim, Director of the GC's Office of Statistics and Archives.

Good and honest analysis. #GCSA15

— Christopher Holland (@PastorHolland) July 3, 2015

As voting neared, some wondered if the electronic voting system would operate smoothly.

Will voting devices be fixed today? Press: 1 for yes 2 for no 3 for Does this thing work from the Riverwalk? #GC15NW

— Andre M. Wang (@Andre_Wang) July 3, 2015

Others considered the absence of certain "official" Adventist snacks:

Important Question: Why isn't @LittleDebbie here at #GCSA15 passing out snacks? @spectrummag

— Rachel Logan (@ItsRachelLogan) July 3, 2015

Throughout the morning business meeting, several delegates questioned why young adults are leaving the church. Twitter had an answer for that.

Delegate asks "where are the young people?" *cough cough* not invited. #GCSA15

— Alisa Williams (@AWWritesStories) July 3, 2015

Looks like there are millennials that would like to be at GC if given the chance. #justsaying #numbersdontlie

— Nelson Fernandez (@NelsonF610) July 3, 2015

You know why young people are leaving the church. You just don't like the answer. #GCSA15

— Eric Weber (@EWeberz) July 3, 2015

Others took advantage of social media to keep up with General Conference news and to interact with it.

I'm way more invested & informed as a young Adventist not at #GCSA15 because of all the social media, especially Twitter. @ItsRachelLogan

— Heather L. Moor (@heatherlmoor) July 3, 2015

Don't tell @AdventistReview or @gcsession, but Twitter owns journalism at #GCSA2015 #GCSA15 ht to @djhamstra

— Praying Adventist (@PrayinAdventist) July 4, 2015

At last, the nominating committee returned to the floor and announced their nomination for president.

Nominating Committee will bring name of Ted N. C. Wilson for president of Seventh-day Adventist Church. #GCSA15

— Jared Wright (@wrightus) July 3, 2015

Immediately, delegates began asking for the nominating committee to reconsider.

Nom Comm submits Ted Wilson as GC president. PA Conf prez Ray Hartwell requests that it be referred back to committee. #GCSA15 #GC15NW

— Andre M. Wang (@Andre_Wang) July 3, 2015

First delegate at the mic asks nominating committee to go back and reconsider. Applause breaks out. #GCSA15

— Alisa Williams (@AWWritesStories) July 3, 2015

NAD delegate says he wants to address the Nom Comm on the open floor. His request is denied. #GCSA15 #GC15NW

— Andre M. Wang (@Andre_Wang) July 3, 2015

After some back and forth between the delegates and the chairman, a few were allowed to voice their objections of Ted Wilson’s nomination to the nominating committee. Their objections were not publicly announced.

Another request is made to take the nomination back for referral. It is honored. Floor is suspended again. The plot thickens. #GCSA15

— TheHaystackTV (@TheHaystackTV) July 3, 2015

Organ music playing again while concerns are secretly discussed. #GCSA15

— Rachel Logan (@ItsRachelLogan) July 3, 2015

Once it was established by the nominating committee that these concerns had already been covered in their deliberations, delegate Elizabeth Talbot suggested a secret ballot to allow for honest voting.

Kerfuffle over electronic or voting card. Desire on the part of some to have the secret ballot. #GCSA15

— Jarod Thomas (@beans4breakfast) July 3, 2015

The motion was voted down.

Taking a public ballot on whether or not to take a secret ballot totally defeats the purpose. #GCSA15

— Alicia (Goree) Adams (@AliciaJAdams) July 3, 2015

Motion to vote by secret ballot fails. #what #GCSA15

— Vanessa Pujic (@MtkaYouth) July 3, 2015

It's a shame people only feel comfortable voting their conscience when it's a secret ballot.... #GCSA15

— ELIEL CRUZ (@elielcruz) July 3, 2015

Right before the official vote to elect the next president, a delegate requested time to pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading, as they were about to make an important decision. This request was also denied.

Ted Wilson elected for a second term. No time for prayer granted. #GCSA15

— Manny Arteaga (@manny_arteaga) July 3, 2015

Ted Wilson was officially elected president. More details on his election can be found here.

Voting for Ted Wilson for SDA GC President @ #SAGC15 #GCSA15 #tedwilson

— Allen Stump (@a1844preacher) July 3, 2015

The tension in this room is palpable #GCSA15 #TedWilson re-elected

— Chad Stuart (@chadNstuart) July 3, 2015

Main motion for Ted as President passes with large world support. #GCSA15 #heartbroken

— Vince MacIsaac (@VinceMacIsaac) July 3, 2015

If you want to see more reactions to Ted Wilson’s election, check out this interview with three delegates post-election.

After Elder Wilson addressed the audience, everyone broke for lunch. Seventh-day Adventist visitors continued to enjoy San Antonio’s menu accommodations.

San Antonio: you are awesome! #this is GC too. #GCSA15 #greathost #sweetpeople #sanantoniotx

— Lizzette (@lharpper) July 3, 2015

Others spent time enjoying the weather and San Antonio’s famous riverwalk.

Loving San Antonio #GCSA15 @tonibe24

— Karla V. Rivera (@KVanessaRivera) July 3, 2015

As evening approached, preparations for the Sabbath began.

All set for lunch tmrw. #GCSA15 #thepastorslife

— Vanessa Pujic (@MtkaYouth) July 3, 2015

Others waited in line to enter the Alamodome for evening worship, where inside several baptisms occurred.

#GCSA15 attendees wait in long security lines to enter the Alamodome for the Friday evening program.

— PacificUnionRecorder (@Recorder_SDA) July 3, 2015

those baptisms at #GCSA15 are inspiriting & have brought me to tears. Welcome to the family, new believers!!!

— Stephanie U (@sabsmama) July 4, 2015

And finally, San Antonio went to bed.

Good night and #HappySabbath, Twitter! See you all bright and early tomorrow for another day of #GCSA15—and #IndependenceDay. #SanAntonio

— Megen de Bruin-Molé (@MegenJM) July 4, 2015

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There is now a report, posted on the “I Support the Ordination of Women” Facebook page, that someone from GC legal counsel has confirmed that the electronic voting system DOES work. The problem is that it is being boycotted by delegates not in favor of this method of voting, making it appear as if it doesn’t work. The same post reports that four divisions are actively organizing block voting. I heard wind of this yesterday, as well.

Can the Spectrum crew do some investigative journalism on this matter? If confirmed, this would be a very serious ethical and procedural breach and one tht needs to be addressed publicly in the press and from the GC Session floor before the vote on women’s ordination.


Where is the tweet column for Day 3, Sunday, July 5?