Tweeting the Meeting: Engaged, Connected, and Invested

A recurring theme this week at Annual Council 2017 has been a desire to “engage and connect” with young people. Several presenters expressed dismay at Millennials seeming lack of involvement in the Adventist Church, while others offered a bevy of solutions including redesigned websites and targeted content. Through it all, one thing was clear: young adults were already actively engaged, live-streaming the meetings and tweeting responses - especially during the discussion on the “Procedures for Reconciliation and Adherence in Church Governance” document. Below is a collection of tweets from young adults who were engaged, connected, and invested during yesterday afternoon’s discussion.

Young adults tuned in to watch live:

Young adults may not be represented at #GCAC17 but WE ARE WATCHING.

— Cheeky Pastor's Wife (@cheekypw) October 9, 2017

Livestreaming #GCAC17 with @ljconkle22 at Southern Adventist University School of Journalism

— Audrey Fankhanel (@dreyfankhanel) October 9, 2017

Should be studying for tomorrows midterm but I’m over here like #GCAC17

— Mario Alvarado (@ptrma09) October 9, 2017

Sitting in class watching the sda drama unfold. #GCAC17

— Shedira Swanston (@WordGirl_SxM) October 9, 2017

4 out of the 5 people in our Student Life office are watching #GCAC17 and throwing out comments. I love my office.

— Jashira Fernandez (@jashifernandez) October 9, 2017

Some expressed thoughts on Ted Wilson’s call to Executive Committee members to “relax.”

GC President, @pastortedwilson, asks GC Annual Council to "Relax." This, in light of secrecy and threats, seems inappropriate. #GCAC17

— Tye Davis (@pastortyedavis) October 9, 2017

Irony over spending time discussing time allotment was noted.

Anyone else find humor in time wasted deciding on time allotment? #GCAC17

— Tami Cinquemani (@tcinqo) October 9, 2017

5 minutes to figure out how long each person may get to speak? This ain't gonna be done by 6 PM. #gcac17

— Chad Reisig (@ChadReisig) October 9, 2017

Dismay was expressed about the amount of time it takes to count ballots by hand.

Why are we using 10 minutes counting votes manually, when affordable technology exists that can do the same task in 10 seconds? #GCAC17

— Daniel Xisto (@daniel_xisto) October 9, 2017

If SAU can make students pay for clickers to vote/take quizzes in class, the GC should do the same...this system seems inefficient #GCAC17

— Lindsey Conkle (@inTreble22) October 9, 2017

Apparently the plan is to waste speaking time with vote counting since some people apparently can't handle electronic voting. #GCAC17

— Tye Davis (@pastortyedavis) October 9, 2017

Listen.... I will go on Amazon and buy the equipment for electronic voting. Just give me the GC credit card. I gotchu. #GCAC17

— Jashira Fernandez (@jashifernandez) October 9, 2017

Many were praying throughout the session.

Praying for the committee members. Praying for courage ... #GCAC17 #4WO

— Anne-May Müller (@AnneMayMuller) October 9, 2017

If ever our church needed prayer, now would be the time. #GCAC17

— Gabriel Morales (@GMorales___) October 9, 2017

@pastortedwilson @NADpres Jesus lead and surprise us all for your glory #GCAC17

— Benjamin Lundquist (@Benjaminlund) October 9, 2017

Sometimes I may be harsh, but I really want my church to succeed and I am praying fervently for leadership. I do not envy their job. #GCAC17

— Ryan Becker (@ryan180becker) October 9, 2017

Autocorrect sometimes wreaked havoc.

When your phone autocorrects Tom Lemon to Tom Melon. #fruity #GCAC17

— Jarod Thomas (@beans4breakfast) October 9, 2017

Hensley Moorooven’s soothing voice as he read the 14-page document led to awe and a new fan base.


— Ashley Eisele (@asheisele) October 9, 2017

*manically searches for books read by Hensley Moorooven*#gcac17

— Chris Webb (@webby37) October 9, 2017

At least the reader of the document has an awesome voice. #GCAC17

— EdgarADeLeon (@edgarantdeleon) October 9, 2017

I want to vote to have Hensley Mooroove voice my GPS and Siri! #GCAC17

— Anthony White (@Anthony_J_White) October 9, 2017

The length of the document came as a surprise to many.

But how long is this document tho....? #GCAC17

— Jashira Fernandez (@jashifernandez) October 9, 2017

Can we add something into the document about the GC learning to be concise and precise when they write long documents? #GCAC17

— Lindsey Conkle (@inTreble22) October 9, 2017

There was concern about the secrecy surrounding the document and the lack of time Executive Committee members were given for review.

If they had released this earlier, people could have read this on their own time. They're taking away from important discussion time#GCAC17

— Enaea Smith (@enaeasmith) October 9, 2017

How can the body vote a 14 page document after only now seeing it for the first time? #GCAC17

— Daniel Xisto (@daniel_xisto) October 9, 2017

I can't help but feel like we have lost transparency in jargon and verbage and the secrecy of this document #GCAC17

— Lindsey Conkle (@inTreble22) October 9, 2017

It has literally taken over 45 minutes to read the document, it’s not logical to expect a vote after such a short time of evaluation #GCAC17

— Daniel Xisto (@daniel_xisto) October 9, 2017

When Ted Wilson expressed his disappointment about continued leaks of documents, people reacted.

“LEAKS!” Reminds me of another president. #GCAC17

— Garrison Hayes (@garrison_hayes) October 9, 2017

Ted Wilson pulls the "leaker" argument. We need leakers with and Admin like this. #gcac17

— Jay L. Perry (@jaylperry) October 9, 2017

And "leaking" it early is a problem because?...

— Nicole Stoner (@Brooksbelle) October 9, 2017

LOL ... Thanks for the leaks!

— Ebony Diva (@Just_Eb) October 9, 2017

People had thoughts on the content of the document. A lot of thoughts.

So this GC document limits my right to free speech? And the ability to vote my conscience. #GCAC17

— Mark A. Reid (@markisreiding) October 9, 2017

So no one with an opposing viewpoint will be permitted to participate in or even attend the assertedly "representative" GCEC sessions? #gcac17

— maeglynx (@maeglynx) October 9, 2017

Let me explain. No, there is no time. Let me sum up...#GCAC17#GCAC2017

— SDA Caricatures (@sdacaricatures) October 9, 2017

Our church structure is supposed to give the power to the people - delegates are chosen from bottom up. This document reversed that #GCAC17

— Cheeky Pastor's Wife (@cheekypw) October 9, 2017

A person can't even speak against policy without losing their privileges? #GCAC17

— Chad Stuart (@chadNstuart) October 9, 2017

Has the word love been used at all? #wherestheJesus #GCAC17

— Annalyse Hasty (@annalyse_hasty) October 9, 2017

George Knight was right. The church has embraced its Medieval Catholic heritage. Where is Christ in any of this? #GCAC17

— Matthew Reeves (マト) (@MattReeves17) October 9, 2017

Women are a part of that mission. Stop silencing them. #GCAC17

— Michael T Nixon (@mtn_atw) October 9, 2017

This discussion of compliance implies that our administration believes that our unity hinges on compliance over conviction. #GCAC17

— dani. (@itsdanielleyall) October 9, 2017

Can’t you see? Policy is getting in the way of Mission. It’s created by a group of humans who are gone in a generation.#GCAC17

— inz (@inzlabs) October 9, 2017

The world church voted to change nothing. The Unions are within their rights to decide whom to ordain. #gcac17

— Jay L. Perry (@jaylperry) October 9, 2017

God has given all of human history to deliberate on the clearest issue ever. This very muddy issue was given an afternoon. #GCAC17

— Garrison Hayes (@garrison_hayes) October 9, 2017

My existence as a Seventh-day Adventist is not rooted in policy. It is rooted in Jesus. #GCAC17

— Mark A. Reid (@markisreiding) October 9, 2017

While in line to speak, an Executive Committee member let Twitter know the press table was full of Millennials.

Some of the #GCAC17 twitters. Many are speaking for Millennials. More power to you!

— Jiwan S. Moon (@jiwan_moon) October 9, 2017

Occasionally, someone took a bathroom break… but #GCAC17 was there to update them on their return.

Checking back in with the #GCAC17 Twitter feed be like . . .

— Brandon Mowry (@miamimusicman) October 9, 2017

When confusion on the floor mounted, Twitter responded.

Makes it real hard to trust the process when you realize how many with voting rights don’t understand what they are voting on!!!! #GCAC17

— Rachel Oakes Preston (@REALracheloakes) October 9, 2017

"There seems to still be confusion." #GCAC17

— Michael T Nixon (@mtn_atw) October 9, 2017

This is a mess. #GCAC17

— Eliel Cruz-Lopez (@elielcruz) October 9, 2017

New T-shirt design "Let me explain it to you" #GCAC17

— José R. Bourget (@jrbourget) October 9, 2017

I see now why I had to memorize the GC Rules of Order for my church policy exam @AndrewsUniv. @DenisJHFortin was preparing me for #GCAC17.

— David Hamstra ن (@djhamstra) October 9, 2017

Finally, it was time to vote on whether to send the document back to the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee. Twitter users waited with bated breath...

So...on the brink of taking a vote, the chair makes a statement explaining why he thinks it would be a bad idea to vote yes. #GCAC17.

— Michael T Nixon (@mtn_atw) October 9, 2017

My vote is cast... #GCAC17

— Thomas Müller (@smullerdk) October 9, 2017

...And responded in a variety of ways when the “yes” vote carried, and the document was sent back to the committee.

And it would’ve passed if it weren’t for those pesky kids!! #gcac17

— Prez Ted Wilson (@teddyNCdubs) October 9, 2017

Let me get this straight. So the news of today at #GCAC17 essentially NOTHING happened. Positions further entrenched. #kickthecan

— Ryan Stephens (@RTRStephens) October 10, 2017

After watching #GCAC17 I will go back to my seminary studies and ministering to those whose voices are not heard in by our administration

— dani. (@itsdanielleyall) October 10, 2017

Meanwhile more & more women around globe are responding to the Holy Spirit’s call. Ham-fisted attempts @ forced compliance fight HS. #GCAC17

— Tompaul Wheeler (@tompaulwheeler) October 10, 2017

Given the length of the document, and the fact that no one saw it beforehand, this seems like the only responsible way forward. #GCAC17

— Daniel Xisto (@daniel_xisto) October 9, 2017

Thank God for the 184 that voted 'yes'. God is still in control #GCAC17

— Mase Mpendu (@Tash_lulo) October 9, 2017

"We have this hope!" Absolutely beautiful!!! #GCAC17 Lord, may we allow you to continue to lead Your church to take the gospel to the world

— Sebastian Matula (@sebastianmatula) October 9, 2017

It’s gonna be awesome to live under another, second, year of grace. #GCAC17

— Kris Loewen (@krisloewen) October 9, 2017

Love how the meeting finished with the hymn “We Have this Hope”. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. #gcac17

— Jay Rosario (@remnantjay) October 9, 2017

My prayer alter worked...In keeping me sane #GCAC17

— Alexander Carpenter (@carpenterale) October 9, 2017

Well, it was fun journeying through this day with all of you. I hope this vote can be the beginning of trust across our church. #GCAC17

— bryant f rodriguez (@BF_Rod) October 9, 2017

Find more discussion on this year’s Annual Council on Twitter. The official hashtag is #GCAC17. The meetings are also being live-streamed on the General Conference Executive Committee website.

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This has to be the most positive outcome from the AC2017. Praise the Lord!



I’m delighted to see the engagement, the commentary, and the sense of humor. I love these people!

I’m an old guy, so I was on Facebook, but comments were flying there, too. I’m thanking God for His influence yesterday.


Elmer –
Over time will all this Weird Stuff at AC2017 eat at the watchers like a cancker sore, disillusion set in, and become disengaged with much of the Church?
But it is true, a low number of the Independent-age SDA persons were taking it in.
I don’t believe the Academy age persons were watching.

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We have been praying for Autumn Council in my classes at Southern. We watched the live feed Monday morning in Writing for the Media class so students could watch the business workings of their church.

“You are the next leaders. You need to see how your church works,” I told them as we watched a report on finance.

Other journalism students live tweeted the event yesterday (several quoted above in the article), expressing themselves verbally and digitally as they watched speeches (excellent examples for the topic of persuasion) and reacted.

I can’t wait until they take over. They are transparent, open, and care deeply for their church. It will be in good hands.


Super-good idea to aggregate and these, and share them with us. Chuck