Tweeting the Meeting: The Real Story of Day One, Told in Tweets

The day started with worship and an observance of the Seventh-day Adventist Health message:

Thousands of people gathered before 9:30 a.m. & not one coffee cup in sight--must be at #GCSA15 @spectrummag #adventistproblems

— Rachel Logan (@ItsRachelLogan) July 2, 2015

Almost immediately after the business meeting began, the question of women’s ordination came up from the floor, unexpectedly and unbidden.

Delegate takes to the mic to raise women's ordination issue on Day 1. Lowell Cooper says his comments are not germane #GCSA15

— Alisa Williams (@AWWritesStories) July 2, 2015

Delegate asked why women are on the platform. Does this mean they're ordained? If not, why are they up there? Things getting heated. #GCSA15

— Alisa Williams (@AWWritesStories) July 2, 2015

Lowell Cooper walked delegates through the new electronic voting system. However, the voting devices began malfunctioning almost immediately.

Equipment malfunction #1 for #GCSA15: During voting device test this morning, only 300 votes recorded. Devices ditched for yellow cards.

— SPECTRUM (@spectrummag) July 2, 2015

The change back to yellow voting cards was met with mixed reviews:

@AWWritesStories to be fair, those neon voting cards in the air are gonna look great on Instagram! #GCSA15

— SDAYouthOntario (@SDAYouthOntario) July 2, 2015

While troubleshooting occurred on the floor to correct the problems with the voting system, we did some data reporting on women’s representation in past, present, and future General Conference sessions.

Only 16% of the delegates at the G.C. in 2010 were women. Five years later that percent has only increased by 1%. @spectrummag #GCSA15

— Rachel Logan (@ItsRachelLogan) July 2, 2015

If the current trend continues of a 1% increase every 5 yrs, women & men will have = representation in the year 2180 #GCSA15 @spectrummag

— Rachel Logan (@ItsRachelLogan) July 2, 2015

Delegates were regaled with a screening of the short film, “What Might Have Been,” produced by the General Conference.

We're now watching the "What Might Have Been Video" that suggests that it is our fault Jesus hasn't come. See #GCSA15

— SPECTRUM (@spectrummag) July 2, 2015

"What Might Have Been" showing on the big screens right now. Waiting for Millennials to highjack the system with "The Record Keeper" #GCSA15

— Alisa Williams (@AWWritesStories) July 2, 2015

Immediately afterward, Elder Ted Wilson took to the stage to make an appeal.

Wilson: God is in control but he does not force of will. I speak for myself that our incorrect actions have delayed the 2nd coming. #GCSA15

— David Hamstra ن (@djhamstra) July 2, 2015

Wilson just made this appeal and is asking delegates to agree to it. #GCSA15

— SPECTRUM (@spectrummag) July 2, 2015

"This @gcsession could be the last if we act according to God's will." - Ted Willson, @adventistchurch president #GCSA15 #ColumbiaUnion

— ColumbiaUnionVisitor (@VisitorNews) July 2, 2015

During lunchtime, local businesses tried to take advantage of the influx of tourists in San Antonio.

San Antonio thrilled for #GCSA15, expects $41m. Restaurants go #vegetarian. @adventistchurch

— Andrew McChesney (@ARMcChesney) July 1, 2015

Not everyone invested time into researching Adventist vegetarian practices...

For the @adventistchurch members in #SanAntonio for #GCSA15, here are some lunch suggestions

— mySA (@mySA) June 30, 2015

After lunch, delegates convened again. Technical issues with the electronic voting devices continued.

Delegates lining up to express displeasure with the voting system. Saying that head count needed too. #GCSA15

— Alexander Carpenter (@carpenterale) July 2, 2015

Some questioned the accuracy of electronic voting.

Wonder if procedures are in place to prevent device hacking and jamming... #GCSA15

— Adrian Zahid (@adrianzahid) July 2, 2015

Wifi completely down in Alamodome. GC VP Cooper says wifi signal interferes with electronic voting signal. That means no wifi. #GCSA15

— Andrew McChesney (@ARMcChesney) July 2, 2015

There were also issues viewing the names of delegates displayed on the overhead screens.

Delegates asked for gender, age breakdowns. Another says they scrolled them too fast for his old eyes. #GCSA15

— Alexander Carpenter (@carpenterale) July 2, 2015

At last, the nominating committee was revealed. Kind of.

Nominees: 34 female, 218 male. Age: Under 30, 5; 30-39, 10; 40-49, 63; 50-59, 102; 60-69, 66; 70+, 6. #GCSA15

— Adventist Today (@AdventistToday) July 2, 2015

218 male and 34 female on proposed nominating committee list. Only 5 under 30 years old. #Hmm #GCSA15 #SomethingsGottaChange

— Brandon Mowry (@miamimusicman) July 2, 2015

218 male and 34 female on the nomcom for #GCSA15 #unacceptable #adventfail

— seth pierce (@sethjpierce) July 2, 2015

Closing of debate over the nominating committee delegates has now been voted, electronically might I add. #GCSA15

— GC Session (@gcsession) July 2, 2015

Nom. Comm voted. Committee meets tomorrow. First person to be voted will be the GC president. #GCSA15

— The Compass Magazine (@TheCompassMagaz) July 2, 2015

After dinner, the evening session began with music.

#GCSA15 first evening session starts off with very pronounced drums. Quite surprised! Pleasantly of course ;-)

— Stephen Eastwood (@stepheneastwood) July 2, 2015

And Elder Wilson gave the President's Report.

Up Next at the GC Session: President's Report from Ted Wilson. #GCSA15

— 3ABN (@3abn) July 3, 2015

Despite some varying reviews of the day, many expressed their pleasure in seeing so many different cultures and peoples gathered together.

Incredible to see all the different folks from different parts of the world in @VisitSanAntonio for @gcsession. All of them smiling. #GCSA15

— Richard Oliver (@RichardCOliver) July 2, 2015

Different cultures, different aspects, One hope, One Church @gcsession #GCSA15

— ADEKEYE MOYINOLUWA S (@moyinoluwa_s) July 2, 2015

Pr @Jccarvacho junto a delegados de #Hawai en #GCSession2015 #GCSA15 en San Antonio, TX @gcsession @iasdsudamerica

— Igl Adventista Ñuñoa (@inunoa) July 2, 2015

We love seeing how wide the Church reaches around the world during! #GCSA15

— Adventist Church (@adventistchurch) July 2, 2015

Rachel Logan is a writing intern for

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The existence of WiFi should not be a problem - but thousands of people actively using it could be, I would have thought this would be a standard situation at any big conference. Makes one wonder who they got the system from.

Also it seems really weird for the President to get to have a huge impact before the nominating committee meets to pick the next one. Gives the incumbent a big advantage.


This Tweet: “Delegate asked why women are on the platform. Does this mean they’re ordained? If not, why are they up there? Things getting heated.”

A preview of coming attractions? Goodness.

On another note: 80 out of 260 (31%) on the nominating committee voted “no” on Wilson. Multiple calls for the motion to be referred back to committee. This was no coronation, and the rest of the process needs to reflect that.

Word around the GC is that Ted may be trying to position Jerry Page as next NAD president. Jackson had better not be ousted. He’s all this Division has left between now and slipping back into the Dark Ages.


Wow. Misogyny is showing up more early and more aggressively than anyone anticipated. This session may end up being a huge stain on Adventism.


Why wasn’t wifi checked out with voting technology long before the first vote?

Attempts by delegates for secret ballot voting via electronic voting were dismissed and voted down because of faulty technology.

Was it faulty technology?

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Significant leaks already from the nominating committee!!

The nominating committee members generally appear to be chosen from the more senior and more knowledgeable ranks of the global delegation. Therefore, it really seems that having this number voting against Ted’s re-election is a very ill omen indeed!

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