Two Adventist Professors Exchange Campuses: Part 1

Daniel Reynaud (Assistant Dean of Learning and Teaching at Avondale College of Higher Education) and Lisa Clark Diller (Professor of Early Modern History at Southern Adventist University) are currently enrolled in a year-long faculty exchange program. They recently interviewed each other for Spectrum about the exchange, differences between Avondale and Southern, and between Australia and Tennessee (USA). In this first part of a two-part series, Daniel interviews Lisa about her experience.

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We miss you, Dr. Lisa Diller, here at Southern. So glad to hear you are having an excellent time in the summer season “down under.”

Enjoying your colleague here. Congratulations for working on the exchange.

Dr. Pamela Harris

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Welcome Lisa! So long Daniel!

I am one of a very select group who remember Daniel carrying a bow and arrow, dressed in a loin cloth among the ferns down by the mighty Dora Creek on the Avondale Estate. No doubt we were respectfully acknowledging the Awabakul people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which Avondale stands. In that way we paid tribute to Elders past and present, acknowledging that they cared for this country over countless generations.

I also remember giving Daniel a good run for his money in our Senior years of high school especially in our history classes.

Why are we not enjoying the same benefits within the NAD? Why can’t a West Coast College swap with an Midwest or East Coast college? Granted, there are complexities and many things to work out (including salary differentials I guess) but the rewards for faculty and students would more than justify the effort!!