Two Poems for the Beginning Time

(system) #1

Begin Again (a villanelle)

There comes a time when you must shatter shell; you begin again.

Egg was good, but you’ve a yen for life after the cradle. There comes a time when

beckons world beyond your ken. To remain would be fatal. You begin again.

Peck a crack in prison and inhale for a yell. There comes a time when

wings of borning raven grow cramped until you begin again.

Come out, my gangly wren, ostrich, owl, or eagle. There comes a time when

you begin again.

The beginning of the path to there

It has been said, “Way will open,” and also, “You must first knock

on all the wrong doors.” Someone else assured, “When you follow

your bliss, doors will open where there were none before.” And yet another advised: “Traveler,

there is no path; paths are made by walking.” And so I can’t tell you whether way will slam shut, leaving you to pull a bruised finger out

of the jam or a path will clear itself ahead for your feet to follow desire. I can’t say

if you will have to batter down the door with bloodied fists or watch it swing

wide on oiled hinges at the magic of your behest. But I can

promise you there will be a door in the wall somewhere; where your feet are is the beginning

of a path to there.

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