UltraViolet Arts Festival Brings High-energy End of Spectrum to the Adventist Community

The 2015 Spectrum Ultraviolet Arts Festival will take place on the weekend of September 12 and 13, 2015 at the Glendale City Church. To get the word out, we are starting a Twitter gallery using the hashtag #UVArtsFest where you can share your art from paintings to poetry and photography to film. Include an image, text, or link to your artwork. If you add #Adventist, #MyChurchToo, and @spectrummag to your tweet we will be sure not to miss it. The Tweet with the most Retweets will receive a free festival registration and the Tweet(s) with the most Favorites will get a shout out at the festival.

The events begin Saturday morning, September 12 with a special Glendale City Church service at 10:50 AM, followed in the afternoon with a free classical piano concert by Hyak Arsenyan at 4:00 PM. Saturday's events culminate in a live concert featuring indie singer-songwriter Jennifer Knapp and Aaron Beaumont at 7:30 PM. The arts festival itself begins Sunday morning at 9:00 AM with Jennifer Knapp headlining. Other presenters throughout the day include:

Aaron BeaumontClint LewisMindy BielasAlexander CarpenterNathan FrenchAlethia Dance CompanyLeslie FosterKevin EkvallRajeev Sigamoney.

We will conclude the day with a first look at the companion dialogue film to Seventh-Gay Adventists presented by Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyer followed by a hosted conversation ending at 7:30 PM. In addition, there will be a pop up gallery and interactive installations to engage participants during the day.

The Saturday morning church service and Classical piano concert are free and open to the public. Tickets for the Saturday night concert with Jennifer Knapp are $15 online and $20 at the door. Registration for the all day Sunday arts festival is $25 for students, $50 for Spectrum members, and $75 for non-members. Admission to the Saturday night concert is included with registration for the Sunday arts festival. Also, don’t forget your lunch money. We have some awesome food trucks lined up for lunch!

With this festival, we are focused on providing a safe place for artists of every type to gather, network, encourage, and inspire us all. We want the festival to provide space to explore perspectives and engage questions rather than requiring pre-defined answers. The framing question for the weekend is "Where do you find hope?"

Ultraviolet references the high energy, invisible, extreme end of the Spectrum. More energetic than visible light, ultraviolet light stimulates many substances to fluoresce and is notorious damaging skin, but it also forms bone-nourishing Vitamin D. Similarly, artists in the church help us to sense life in new ways. While some may find this threatening, others are energized by the new perspectives art brings. I hope you will join us in September to celebrate artists, the arts, and the many ways they help us find hope.

Title: Spectrum Ultraviolet Arts Festival Date: September 12 and 13, 2015 Location: Glendale City Church, 610 E California Ave, Glendale, CA 91206 Website and registration: www.spectrummagazine.org/ultraviolet

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I’m not all that interested in art, but I do like to meet people who have had similar life journeys to mine. I’m also interested to know more about Glendale SDA Church, the people who attend and engage in that church. I would like to hear just what others have to say in this framing question, “Where do we find hope?” Without hesitation, I will reply that it is in Jesus; His love, His grace, and the faith in knowing He has a place in heaven for me and anyone else who I can convince in winsome ways that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Get on board of the gospel train. It’s about ready to pull out of the station bound for glory land. I really believe we are on the threshold of eternity.

I drove all the way to Pomona(450 miles) to attend the last 2 days of Kinship Kampmeeting and listen to Herb Montogmery after having a cardio-vertion of my heart at St. Helena Hospital on July 16. I wasn’t even suppose to drive for 24 hours.

I just returned Sunday from Redwood Campmeeting in northern California last Sunday, that featured Jon Henderson, Gary Venden and Doug Batchelor and many others. . I have known Doug for nearly 30 years, Gary for 25 years, and this was my first time to meet Jon Henderson. I got a chance to listen and talk personally to all 3 of them.

Sooooo, maybe I should go to this gathering, even though it is a long drive (540 miles) from northern California. Daneen Akers and family are tireless champions of trying to get life stories of lgbt folks out there so folks can better understand this explosive topic of gays in the church. @daneenakers, @carrolgrady @Bille @GeorgeTichy


This sounds like a wonderful event, and I hope it will be a blessing to many!

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I hope you are able to make it down to Glendale for the arts festival. I would love to meet you and hear more of your story.

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For those of who have heard, or even heard of, almost none of these speakers and artists, why not add some Youtube or other links? Will there be any streaming? Why is there no event or landing page on Facebook --our most trusted source these days!


There is a Facebook Event page. Here you go: https://www.facebook.com/events/117702541908872/

You are so kind. And you would love this church–it’s a diverse and vibrant church full of grace-centered Adventists. They give me hope!


Saying grace is much better than sounding taps. Paul says in 1Corinthians 13 that without love we are nothing more than a bunch of noise. The godly love that I experienced at Kinship Kampmeeting left me wondering why I avoided it for so many years. But as Paul said, “forgeting those things which are behind, and reaching forward…” It’s about time the church invited Kinship to be part of the discussion, instead of isolating lgtb’s with other life stories to tell than the current poster boys.

Before Pastor Todd Leonard moved to Glendale City, he was pastor here in Ga-Cumberland at Canton, GA. He was a very innovative pastor, and he invited ALL to sit at the feet of Jesus. I first met him at Kinship in Atlanta [he was brought there by one of his church members].
Since it was close, I brought my un-churched friend with me. Most of his life he had assumed that he was unwelcome to be invited to any church. Took a couple of years to convince him otherwise.
He was finally baptized, and I was one of his sponsors at his baptism at the Episcopalian church i attend on Sundays.
The back of my SDA church bulletin, #17 says “God condemns homosexuality” and give bible texts…So he would have been Unwelcome as a baptized member.
Praise God for Pastors like Pastor Todd.