two thousand years ago, they expected a royal messiah, but he came as a carpenter

two thousand years ago, they expected him to judge sinners, but he washed their feet

in Jerusalem they expected a coronation, but they attended a crucifixion

in the garden they expected a beloved corpse, but they found an empty tomb

right now they expect condemnation let us show compassion

right now they expect self-righteousness let us be humble

right now they expect judgement let us love

let us be unexpected

Christianity and the lifelong project of learning to live Christ-like selflessness in this worldly world is part of who I am. When other more vocal, more powerful, more well-organized Christians raise the banner of hate, it hurts me. They have taught the world to expect hate and intolerance from everyone who bears the name Christian, and that image of Christianity is just as false as the image of Islam that says all Muslims are terrorists.

I know that I'm not alone, and I think it's time more of us spoke up. Jesus defied expectations, so why don't we?

I'll go first:

Hi, I'm a United Methodist, and I don't care who you marry. I don't care which god(s) you believe in or if you believe there are no gods at all. My door is always open, and you're welcome at my table.

Your turn.

* * * *

K. Koppy is a contradiction in terms: an intellectual Christian, a teacher-researcher, a servant-leader, a cosmopolitan country-dweller. She might tip the apple cart, but she'll help to tidy up afterward.

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