Unity beyond pork

(system) #1

By Alexander Carpenter

Over at the main Spectrum site Zane Yi writes:Growing up attending Adventist churches, being educated mostly in Adventist schools, and even doing ministry for the Adventist Church, I had experienced most of my close interactions with, well, other Adventists. Working with and becoming friends with other Christians was something I appreciated in theory but found unnatural actually to put into practice.


Reflections on this experience also have me wondering and dreaming. As Adventists, instead of focusing on the issues that differentiate and divide us from other believers, is it possible to emphasize what unites us, what we hold in common, and from this to unite in fellowship and practical ministry and action in our world?

What do you think are the great unifiers of Adventism? What holds us together? Beliefs? Duties? Cultures? Both within our denominational community and Christendom, what do you see as the future unifiers of our faith community?

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