Unity Oversight Committee Survey Results

i don’t think so, carol…it may have been acceptable two or more yrs ago, but now it’s become a metaphor for people who have huge, unbelievable crimes to hide…i wouldn’t want to see WO tarnished with anything remotely accompanying this phrase…

According to whom?

Oh, I think that’s the least of the problems surrounding this issue in the SDA church.:roll_eyes:


Jeremy, I sit in an SDA entity board and we receive yearly letter for “uncompliance.” I still have to see a “survey” or have an officer barred from “voting” of his voice “muzzled.” But with WO, it takes a different twist. If you are not convinced that this “Unity Oversight Committee” isn’t a witch hunt, I suggest you call our psychologist extraordinaire George @GeorgeTichy for counseling sessions.


i’ve seen commenters on MSNBC, CNN and even FOX make this claim…we’re living in a different time now…people are thinking differently…certain phrases just don’t have the meaning they did at one time…

I agree it’s a relatively minor point…but WO still faces an uphill battle in certain sectors…why compound that difficulty with baggage that’s completely unnecessary…


You are referring to President Trump calling the Russia probe and interference in the 2016 election “a witch hunt.” He can call it that, but it doesn’t mean it’s true. Also, the phrase still retains its original meaning prior to two years ago. It hasn’t changed at all.

It is true, you are right, that we are living in a different time now. A time of distrust, tawdriness, cheating, high-stakes politics, and a new generation awakening to take leadership.

To claim the term “witch hunt” has changed meanings, however, simply isn’t so.


The late Gerry Chudleigh’s book is available for free download here:

This is similar to the moral panic started in reaction to Desmond Ford questioning Adventist Sanctuary Doctrine, in my opinion.

May cooler heads prevail.

May the moral entrepreneurs be seen for what they are.


Some causes are just, some aren’t, but we don’t have to allow our consciousness to be engineered from above, in any case.

Be aware. Don’t allow yourself to be stampeded into a moral panic.


So…the MSM is claiming that the term witch hunt has come to refer only to those guilty of “huge, unbelievable crimes to hide”…your words. They have announced a change in the meaning of the term? I find this odd… I’m guessing this is a reaction to Trump’s witch hunt claims? :wink:

Nonetheless, I think most people understand what someone means when they use the term witch hunt…

A witch-hunt is an attempt to find and punish a particular group of people who are being blamed for something, often simply because of their opinions and not because they have actually done anything wrong.


again, i’m not the one making the claim…a steady stream of commenters on the cable channels have been making this point for almost a year now…my point is that WO has enough hurdles without this additional piece of baggage…

look, at one time people thought gay meant light-hearted and happy…do you think anyone believes that now…words and phrases change in response to important social developments over time…witch hunt is probably an example of something that’s in transition…some people are clinging to the traditional meaning, but a lot of people have moved on…

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elmer, i think the only thing george and I have any potential for agreement on is that the adventist church is worth belonging to…let’s not push things ok…:wink:

the purpose of the unity oversight committee has been to deal with noncompliance…if they end up doing just that, how can it be an illegitimate course of action, which is what i think you mean by witch hunt…

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I think you are missing one of the nuances of the use of “witch hunt” in today’s vernacular.

It is being used to demean women by powerful men. Two examples:

Trump uses it to demean Hillary, claiming she is the “witch” so to speak, who deserves to be the object of the “hunt.”

Assaulters and harassers of women use the term to make their accusers the villain equating “women” to “witches.”

You can read more in this article in the Independent:


you’re right on this one, harppa…i haven’t equated witch hunt with your first definition…

your second definition is related to the definition this term is clearly moving towards…

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Anyone can argue that the title is misleading at best. Various SDA organizations are non-compliant. Others are always non-compliant. Why can’t the GC “man up” and change the title to “Unity Against WO Oversight Committee?” Doesn’t TW have the courage to call “Spade a Spade?”


Yep, I’m moving on…from this conversation.:grinning:


what kind of noncompliance are you referring to…are all forms of noncompliance a deliberate flaunting of a sitting GC vote…i don’t think they are…i think the GC is focusing on noncompliance with a sitting GC vote, not noncompliance for failing to live up to annual council’s recommendations, such as audit procedures, book-keeping clarity, timely budgets, etc…

At one point in time, all GC policies were approved by a sitting GC session, directly or indirectly.

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It seems that “Non-compliance” was NOT SPECIFIED to Any One Item.
So that SHOULD COVER ALL Non-compliance – including:–
Audit procedures
Bookkeeping clarity
Timely budgets
Etc. [not listed by you].


true, but we’re now in the modern era…only a small fraction of policies are formulated through a sitting GC vote…and let’s not forget that the san antonio WO vote had the attention of the entire church riveted for more than 2 yrs leading up to it…we can’t say that of typical annual council votes…

technically you’re right, steve…but if we’re trying to make sense of what the GC is doing, we have to consider the possibility that they’re distinguishing between noncompliance with a GC vote, and noncompliance with annual council policies and recommendations…

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This is one glaring characteristic of what a witch hunt is.

When exceptions are constantly made until the goal is achieved, what else is there other than a “witch hunt?”

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An ill wind blows in the church as well as in the country. It’s all about power and control. What a slanted questionnaire! Different views must be tolerated or the church will divide. The church needs to be a big tent, not a small, exclusive one.


i’m not so sure…if something is a witch hunt under a set of fabricated circumstances that the supposed victim insists are the actual circumstances, but actual circumstances are in fact not those fabricated circumstances, are we really looking at a witch hunt…

there is such a thing as alternative facts, harboured by the party that doesn’t want to conform to authority, which therefore charges that a witch hunt has been launched against it, and that a description of true facts is fake news…i mean we’re basically seeing this assault on our senses playing out everyday on the news channels…