University of South Africa Releases Statement on Paul Ratsara Investigation

It’s easy, you just have to follow some of them… :wink: :innocent:

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Or maybe the thesis will not ever be found… maybe someone deleted the files from the database (as it happened at the US Treasury dept with two SARs…). I wonder if Michael Cohen’s brother works at UNISA… :wink:
Maybe this guy works at UNISA…

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Though some here in this discussion criticise Spectrum for writing about something that was not invented, but only reported, there is still a huge unknown about the whole process of making of the doctoral thesis allegedly by Dr Ratsara:

  1. How can a serious University like is Unisa acknowledge to someone whom they introduce as “Mr” and not a “Dr”, namely Mr Bonya, how can he have a roll of a mentor in someone else’s doctoral thesis?
  2. If you want to have a mentor or a legal helper in writing of your thesis, then this aide must have at least the same level of the degree you are attempting to achieve by that thesis.
  3. If Mr Bonya confessed that he has written 5 out of 6 chapters of Dr Ratsara’s thesis and now he’s telling the other truth, what in the end is the real truth? If he gets out of this without any consequences for his job as SID vice president, then this story can’t be concluded.
  4. If it’s all so clear and pure as some want it to appear, then we can expect Ratsara’s public rehabilitation, but I’m not so sure that it will happen. Let us see.

OK. But which ‘some’ ? ‘Majority vote’ ? . . . or ‘remnant’ ?

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Well, with Trump, aren’t we in the era of “alternative facts?” Therefore, I guess “alternative truth” may also be OK… :wink:
Maybe “alternative dissertations” are part of the whole game as well… LOL


In fairness to Elder Ratsara, the academics who lodged the complaint in an open letter to Elder Wilson should follow up the result of the UNISA investigation with a response.

Dr. Willie Chinyamurindi
Senior Lecturer: Department of Business Management
University of Fort Hare
South Africa

A/Prof. Edward Chamisa
Department of Finance and Tax
University of Cape Town

Mr. Clinton Plaatjes
Executive IT Country Manager

Mr. Pitso Tsibolane
Lecturer: Department of Information Systems
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Bernhard Ficker (Retired Academic)
Somerset West, South Africa

Prof. Mziwoxolo Sirayi
Executive Dean: Faculty of the Arts
Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria, South Africa

A/Prof. Dr. John Akokpari
Department of Political Studies
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Mr. Wandile Bangisi
Pastoral Counsellor, Pretoria

Prof. Modimowabarwa Kanyane
Department: Democracy, Governance, Service Delivery
Human Sciences Research Council of SA Pretoria, South Africa

Mr. Zolani Simayi
Lecturer: Department of Precilinical Studies
University of Limpopo, South Africa

Dr. Misheck Ndebele
School of Education
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Jeff Crocombe
Acting Dean: School of Theology
Pacific Adventist University
Papua New Guinea
(Lecturer: Helderberg College, South Africa) 2006 - 2011

Dr. Alvin Masarira, PrEng
Structural Engineering Consultant
Structural SIMTech Consulting (PTY) LTD Johannesburg, South Africa

Mr. Bongani Khonjwayo
Researcher and HR Policy Development Specialist
Durban, South Africa

Dr. Ron du Preez
Retired & Part-Time Pastor-Arizona Conference, NAD & Adjunct /Online Professor:
Adventist University of Africa (Kenya)
Andrews University (Mich., USA)
Southern Adventist University (Tenn., USA)

Dr. Fusi Madela
Specialist General Surgeon
Albert Luthuli Academic Hospital Durban, South Africa

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‘Displeasure at the way’, only ?
Not with the anti-Christian SDA tradition of establishing church hierarchy by ‘degree’, itself ?

“But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.
And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.
But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased;
and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”
~ Jesus, in Matthew 23:8-12

but george, if you read the UNISA report, you’ll notice that bonya was interviewed by the INDEPENDENT investigator, who would have had no motive to make either ratsara or UNISA or the concerned academics in SID behind the action against ratsara look good…if bonya told close friends that he did “most of it”, he obviously didn’t tell that to the independent investigator, given the independent investigator’s conclusions…so when was bonya lying: when he talked to close friends, or when he talked to the independent investigator…

the problem with bonya’s story is that it isn’t credible to believe that he was forced to commit fraud with no way out…he could have leaked to other SID officials, or the GC, that he was being pressured to do something wrong…this would have preserved his job, if losing it was his big worry, even if ratsara acted against him…but he didn’t do this…

but the most telling aspect to bonya’s “confession” is that it was so taylor-made to what he knew was wanted, given what he knew was the rising tide against ratsara…if he wanted to secure his position in what looked like a new SID on the horizon at the time, isn’t it convenient that his “confession” fit so perfectly into the storyline of that new SID…

bonya isn’t a credible witness…either he was lying to his friends, or he was lying to the independent investigator…i think he was lying to his friends, who were probably all caught up in the rising tide against ratsara…by the time he talked to his friends, he’d probably convinced himself that his lie was the truth, and so was able to make a convincing public “confession” later on…

it all fits into a picture of someone who senses what people around him want to hear, and convinces himself and everyone else that his story, concocted to protect himself, really is the truth…the bottom line is that a credible person with real principle would have told the same thing to the independent investigator that he’d told friends, and he would have made an effort to alert his superiors that something wrong was happening when it was happening, if it really was happening…

I heard that it was emailed to HRC…
now it’s gone forever. Smoke rising eternally.


I rest my case. You already made your mind, didn’t you? In this case, any facts will always be replaced by “alternative facts.”


well, the objective evidence that exists - a UNISA investigation by an independent investigator, with mueller style interviews of both ratsara and bonya - says ratsara’s degree is genuine…in addition, the star witness against ratsara is obviously schizophrenic, saying one thing to his friends, and something very different to the UNISA investigator…so at this point, i think a reasonable, objective person, with no axes to grind, has to conclude that ratsara’s degree is genuine, and that the movement against him has been less than honourable…

keep in mind that this UNISA investigation, and its conclusion, gives ratsara potent ammunition if he were inclined to launch a lawsuit against SID…the reason he was forced to resign from the SID presidency has been found to be baseless by a third, outside party…

But, @vandieman, Ratsara wasn’t forced to resign. Remember? He was asked to sleep on that decision.


But @vandieman, how do you know it was a Mueller-type investigation? UNISA outsourced it to an unknown, undisclosed, secret investigative for-profit company. UNISA didn’t handle the inquiry internally. Is this their consistent policy or do they have grievance procedures in place like most universities? We know nothing about investigative techniques beyond interviews of Bonya and Ratsara. Were they Mueller-esque? We have no idea. Did they examine the TOSC document? Did they know about it even? Who knows?

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Plus the SID votes he needed in 2015.


harrpa, sleeping on a decision is a euphemism for being forced to resign…obviously TW is not so gauche as to have made it appear that he was forcing ratsara to resign…in addition, there probably was some sort of friendship between ratsara and TW operating…

i think we need to read some of the obvious tea leaves in this story to figure out what really happened…if TW wanted ratsara to leave, while giving him the opportunity to maintain his dignity, what he did is what he should have done…

if UNISA was some trump university in present-day timbuktu, you might have a point…but i think given its stature, we have to assume an investigation by UNISA was objective and substantial…

as for the TOSC document, what proof beyond speculation do we have for its connection to ratsara’s dissertation…of course WO advocates are upset that ratsara used the electoral power of SID’s delegates to defeat the yes vote in san antonio…but does this really mean that everything the man has had anything to do with has been part of a deeply laid plot to force headship onto the church…

i think some of us may need to take a breath of fresh air…ratsara and everything ratsara is not public enemy no.1…he’s a former SID president enjoying semi retirement in an obscure region of the indian ocean union conference, where he can’t counter WO anymore…i would think that this would be enough retribution…

No one is saying Ratsara is Enemy #1. That’s your characterization.

Questions arise. Don’t assassinate question askers.

There are many answers lacking. Your conjectures and theories have no documentation. In fact, they invite more questions.

Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, which you have repeatedly expressed.


You are forgetting that Ratsara insisted on resigning.

Of course, we all remember that. The man was caught and knew that he was in trouble. Therefore he resigned before the water became way too hot…

And I am glad he did resign. This was a Division Prez who presented a fraudulent/false report from his Division to the TOSC! Just this should have been enough for having him ousted immediately.

And those people still told him to “sleep on it?” Unbelievable!!!


i think that was just all showmanship…what other choice did he have…by allowing ratsara to “insist” on resigning, TW gave him the opportunity to leave with dignity…

What kind of response would suffice?