Upcoming PUC Adventist Forum Meeting

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Pacific Union College|Adventist Forum Weekend: June 6.

Frederick G. Hoyt, Emeritus Professor of History, La Sierra University, will be guest speaker at two events in Angwin on Sabbath, June 6.

Event #1: At the Paullin Hall Choir Room Sabbath School, 11:15 am, Dr. Hoyt's presentation will be "Can Apologists and Scholars Coexist Peaceably in Adventism?"

Event #2: At Scales Chapel in the PUC Church complex at 2:30 pm, Dr. Hoyt will present "Elder Israel Dammon's Wild Maine Show of February 1845: A Critique of a Regrettably Long Delayed Official Response."

In between these two events will be the traditional Adventist Forum/Choir Room Sabbath School potluck dinner.

All are welcome.

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