UPDATED: You Helped Us Exceed Our Giving Tuesday Goal!

Warm, hearty thanks to all those who have given to our Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign. Thanks to your generosity, we have exceeded our goal of $10,000!

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Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot. I’,m writing a check out right now,…addressing envelope…stamp…it’s in the outgoing mailbox! Come on you guys fork over something. Put your money where your mouth is. Hmmm, I hope I sent enough. We need to keep Spectrum going here. It does cover a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiide spectrum of blogs and comments.:slight_smile: At least think of the savings. You can vent your frustrations to George and Elmer, our resident shrinks, and get counsel from them for free! Now don’t tell those two I said that until, AFTER they donate.


Thank you so much Big Tom and all those whose generosity helped us exceed our goal today. If there are any who missed out, we’d still love to hear from you, and you can still receive a tax write-off any time between now and December 31.

Special thanks to all our regulars here in the comments section who chipped in today. I’m feeling really grateful for all of you!

I chair the Adventist Forum board (which publishes Spectrum) and I want to express my deeply felt gratitude to all of you who read, and especially all of you who offer financial support to, our magazine and our website.

We work from the perspective that members of the church need always to analyze Adventism and then to dream it better, and we know that our take is not the only one that matters. The outlook associated with ASI or GYC matters, too. No one person or organization has all the answers, and that why (as a boss of mine used to say), “The future is conversation.”

You are sustaining Adventist conversation–the open, no-one-gets-shut-out kind of conversation that any thriving institution must consider indispensable. Within the church, such conversation is now ONLY AVAILABLE in organs of the independent Adventist press.

So again, thank you so much. Thanks, too, to Bonnie and Jared, whose dogged, and at the same time congenial, leadership, deserves all the gratitude we collectively can offer.

Charles Scriven