Upper Columbia Conference Continues Trend of Separate-But-Equal Ministerial Credentialing

Why didnt they vote to ordain practicing homosexuals as Pastors too?
Those that think all they have to do is vote on something know nothing of how things are organized.

This is not on the agenda anywhere in the denomination is it? Is your area of the world voting on this?

The voting on WO has been preceded by decades of research, councils, reports, debates, discussions, and official studies commissioned for each of the 13 Divisions.

Votes in unions and conferences have not been random. The organization and institution have been following policy, holding executive and constituency meetings to follow protocol.

Could you be more specific in your comments?


In the bigger framework of general social/professional dominance to which men feel entitled, this “separate but equal” dodge nostalgically borrowed from the racial politics of bygone eras, comes off as a wet squib. The advance of science and technology has erased whatever prerogatives of social dominance men acquired when physical strength allowed them to carry out what is historically known as “the defeat of women” about 10,000 years ago at the start of settled agriculture and hence the cessation of hunting and gathering. For heaven’s sake men now need to deal with female equality in gender roles for those females who want it. Women are flying nuclear armed bombers, fighting at the front, and they can beat men at long distance open- sea swimming due to the subcutaneous fat they naturally have.This also gives them the soft skin all men love. WOW! Since we have not yet reached the age of ectogenetic technology ALL men depend on MOM to allow them to be parasites at the most vulnerable stages of gestate existence. Women have intellectual capacities equal to men. I am confident the thrashings about we are now seeing are the death throes of male machismo. The Church should seize the opportunity to support a transformation whose time has arrived. For Pete’s sake a woman can shortly become POTUS, the most important job in the world, so those who wish can keep loudly proclaiming that women are not capable, or worthy, of managing a church office