Upper Columbia Conference Issues Statement on the Group World Church Affirmation Sabbath

(George Tichy) #41

Can you please explain what you actually mean in your post?
I said that those self appointed executioners should be kept at bay, no place for them to attack the Church’s institutions and members with their fanatic behavior.
What are you saying?

(Phillip Brantley) #42

Athanasius suffered five exiles totaling seventeen years as a result of his fidelity to the Trinity. A story is told of his confrontation with Emperor Theodosius. Emperor Theodosius demanded that Athanasius cease opposing Arius and pointedly asked, “Do you not realize that the world is against you?” Athanasius quickly answered, “Then I am against the world.” And he has been honored with the name Athanasius Contra Mundum ever since.

How will history remember us if we cease opposing Arias, submit to the demands of the GC and in so doing debase our precious Lord and Savior?

(Steve Mga) #43

There are 2 Statements that SHOULD keep us from signing pledges [for all time]
to certain beliefs.

  1. STUDY to show yourself approved unto God.
    Study means to think, investigate, consider, plan, question. Ask, “Is there more to know?”
  2. GROW in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ [who is the image of God].
    Grow means to develop an increased understanding, become more mature in one’s
    thinking, view points over time. The freedom to change.
    THIS is why I like the Nicene Creed. It allows for the Study, the Growing within a safe
    If a PLEDGE PREVENTS me from doing the above, then it is a bad request and one
    should refuse to do so. A PLEDGE can REQUIRE me to reflect ONLY other peoples’
    thinking and understanding. Can PREVENT me from Study, from Growing,
    and, MOST IMPORTANT – from asking Questions.

(George Tichy) #44

Steve, I just read the following, which for some reason I felt as posting here after I read your post:

“John Bucka, bishop of Leitomysl, was known as the Iron Bishop. Huss had no more inveterate enemy than this prelate. At the synod of Constance he was persistent in his demand for the application of severe measures, and, after Huss’s death, he was commissioned by the council to put down the Hussite revolt in Bohemia. He belonged to that group of hard ecclesiastical disciplinarians who insist, upon the rigorous enforcement of the letter of ecclesiastical rules and allow no room for individual dissent to tradition and custom.”
(The Biography of John Huss, by Davis S. Schaff, pp. 135-136)

I wonder how this paragraph could be rewritten utilizing names and entities related to our Church today. :thinking: :thinking:


THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE WATCHING US…to see if our faith is exerting a SANCTIFING influence upon our hearts. They are QUICK TO DISCERN every defect in our lives, every inconsistency in our actions. LET US GIVE THEM NO OCCASION TO REPROACH OUR FAITH.

(Cfowler) #46

Why do you think that?


Our prophet counseled us about it.
CCh 44.3

(Cfowler) #48

Okay, but since most people don’t know who Adventists are, I don’t think they are watching the SDA Church. Why would they anyway?


It seems like some people are watching Christians in general, but I agree that most have no idea who Adventists are.

(Cfowler) #50

I would agree with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Steve Mga) #51

Christian Century and
Christianity Today magazines.
The de-Evolution of our Religion [not denomination] as compared to
other Christian Biblical religious progression in the 21st Century.

(Peter) #52

You may wish that the people of the world are watching us. But that is not reality. Most people don’t know about us, and those who do see us as irrelevant. Those few who are acquainted with us have no idea if “our faith is exerting a sanctifying influence upon our hearts.” Sanctification is a PRIVATE matter!


The Southern Baptist denomination is acutely aware of what the Seventh-day Adventist church does. Other evangelicals have commentary on the Internet concerning the controversy within our denomination. But, notwithstanding the media presence, Ellen White warns us and I believe the prophet has been directed by God through the power of the Spirit.


According to our prophet, it is indeed reality and relevant.

If the world sees a perfect harmony existing in the church of God, it will be a powerful evidence to them in favor of the Christian religion. Dissensions, unhappy differences, and petty church trials dishonor our Redeemer. All these may be avoided if self is surrendered to God and the followers of Jesus obey the voice of the church.


Do you believe that Ellen White is a true prophet of God?
If so, I would be honored to share with you the quotes concerning our conversation.

(Cfowler) #56

There is religious news, which reports and comments on many different denominations and church groups, not just Adventist. Why do you think that Southern Baptists are acutely aware of what the SDA church does, and do you have any links to something that would indicate “acutely” aware?


Unfortunately, I do have the links you desire for proof. I am the only SDA in my family. My extended family belong to the SBC. The issues within our church make it straight to their church boards in their respective groups and their conversations. Many questions have been directed my way in hopes to bring clarity and understanding.
Besides the very personal involvement, the sphere of influence, they gather much of their information from social media. Consistently, the questions are “What is going on in your church” , “Why do the members of your world church speak so unkindly towards one another” , “What Bible does your church study from”, “Have you no love for one another”? And more. It is beyond disheartening.

(George Tichy) #58

Come on, some people may be following what is happening in our Church because it is monstrously tragic and absurd. May be they are curious to know where it is heading, but that would be all I guess.

But no, not another conspiracy theory, please. Nobody is “actually” interested in our Church. What would they? Especially now that the top leadership is messing up everything?


I believe most of God’s people would agree with your opinion that our situation is tragic.

We are of the same faith, members of one family, all children of the same heavenly Father, with the same blessed hope of immortality. How close and tender should be the tie that binds us together.
The people of the world are watching us to see if our faith is exerting a sanctifying influence upon our hearts. They are quick to discern every defect in our lives, every inconsistency in our actions. Let us give them no occasion to reproach our faith.
This is not conspiracy. This is the reality foretold many years prior.

(Joselito Coo) #60

These are professionals, including practicing MDs who are Loma Linda University SM alumni. Collectively, they have more education than members of the Upper Columbia Conference Executive Committee.

The worst case scenario is for the group to send their financial contributions directly to the GC labelled “evangelism”. I’m not suggesting it, but I’ve seen this happen. If I were Elder Minervino Labrador, Jr. I would welcome an open conversation with them in every local congregation within his territorial jurisdiction that have serious concerns regarding their stand.