Vaccine Mandates & Religious Liberty

i definitely agree that time will tell all things, but unfortunately that disclosure may come too late for today’s deluded individuals…

as for creating a subclass of people, they are speedily creating themselves…already vaccine mandates are cutting them off from society…and on the matter of safeguarding their own health, no-one is forcing them to be vaccinated…but if they were true heroes, like the martyrs and christ himself, they would quietly accept the consequence of their choice and perhaps influence someone positively in the process…but throwing rocks at our prime minister, intimidating frail wheelchaired patients at hospital entrances, and threatening the lives of health officials and members of their families, as we’ve been seeing, isn’t influencing anyone positively…in fact a majority of Canadians are now saying that unvaccinated patients who threaten hospital staff should be denied healthcare:

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i think we need to agree on the meaning of these terms: as i’m see things, trumpism is now today’s conservative GOP…this is what i’m referring to when i say i have no intention of listening to anything this source has to say…

but obviously i would listen and weigh something coming from a Liz Cheney, or an Adam Kinzinger…but these are not today’s conservatives or GOP…in fact they’re closer to today’s moderate dems, like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema…


It absolutely eludes me how someone can simultaneously think that

  1. Sunday laws mandates based on some excuse like environmentalism … is something we shouldn’t want


  1. That vaccine mandates based on exaggerated claims that 1-50 group, which is less than 10% of deaths and severe hospitalization cases… are legitimate reason to create subclass of people who see it as infringement on personal choices.

Belief Superiority is off the charts here.

If MOB is a thing in a near future… I doubt one would see it with such limited and inconsistent ideology.


there are really only 3 simple facts that factor into what you are finding difficult:

  1. Sunday law mandates, with a denial of the bible Sabbath, is the mark of the beast, and the great final test for humanity, and

  2. covid has killed over 700,000 people in the U.S., more than all U.S. wars combined, and counting, and

  3. the vaccines are safe, and they work, as can be seen from the fact that ICU’s everywhere are being overrun by covid in the unvaccinated, and that ICU’s nowhere are being overrun by the vaccinated suffering from vaccine after-effects…

there are no other considerations needed to conclude that the anti-vax mvt, in general, is deluded…this means they aren’t grounded in facts, or reality…therefore they cannot expect the majority in any society that is shaped around reality to accommodate, much less be held hostage to, their whims…


You are speculative about a double-standard you set up for no viable reason at all… other than “I believe that”. In that, you have no consistent set of principles by which you parse any policy that doesn’t happen to align with your views, but which you readily infringe on religious views of other people.

It killed less than 40k for ages 1-50. Majority of deaths are for older people with impaired immune system, and has no viable scientific bases for assuming that 1-50 age group is at any substantial risk.

You are located in Canada to begin with. Feel gree to comment on policy of Canadian necessity. US has different scope of laws.

No mandates for vax exist, because these aren’t legally possible, except at State and institutional levels.

Institutions that set these preferences generally go along with broader preferences of employees… and can do it, if they choose to absorb lawsuits associated with issues and side effects.

Great… so is ACTONEL for preventing bone fractures. We don’t see it mandated indiscriminately.

Facts are not on your side

You are grounding your ideals in fantasy in either case of theological or scientific spectrum of these arguments.

People who had Covid have more viable protection against the whole virus… not just spike protein.

Your view, that everyone must be vaccinated indiscriminately, has no basis in viable medical science.


You are so steeped into the political arena I find it impossible to reason with you at any level of objectivity, by your own words, you hear and see everything through the political glass and since I am not a supporter of either side we just have a problem communicating. The only suggestion I can make here is that you should not pay so much attention to the labels people apply to themselves or each other, most of them are subjective, incorrect, or even purposely misleading to misguide and confound people.


how so…can you articulate what it is you think you mean…

the 1-50 yr-old crowd are not the only people that matter…if you haven’t noticed, the presidency, house and senate, not to mention many, many leaders like the pope and our own GC president, are far beyond this boundary…these have certainly contributed more to our world than the younger crowd, and they deserve to be looked after…even the under 1 crowd deserve a world in which they can safely flourish…

and let’s understand that covid is an evolving phenomenon, meaning the fat lady hasn’t sung yet…delta is seeing many more younger people hospitalized and ICU’d than last year, and it’s conceivable that future variants will specialize even more in the younger crowd…

i’ll comment when and where i like, thx…12 of my formative yrs were spent in the states (for all practical purposes, i grew up in the states), and i’ve generally been somewhere there 3 or 4 times a year, for weeks and even months at a time (pre-covid)…there isn’t much you can tell me about the states that i don’t know already…in any event, many of my mandate comments have been Canada-based…

if you’re referring to federal mandates, i think we can safely say that executive orders accomplish the same thing…check this out:

this sounds pretty comprehensive to me…

i think they are…

can you demonstrate this claim…

no-one disputes that the combination of natural and vaccinated immunity confers the strongest immunity…this is what the evidence seems to show…but it is the case that no-one can predict if they will emerge from covid unscathed, even if statistics are on their side…vaccinated individuals can at least choose the fact that they likely won’t be ICU’d unless they have a comorbidity and are less than careful…

but evidence exists that vaccine-mediated immunity consists of much more than antibodies to spike proteins:

included in spike protein vaccine-mediated antibody immunity is the phenomenon of cellular immunity in the form of B- and T-cells, which essentially means antibody levels can be replenished and infected cells destroyed in the event of a breakthrough infection…this is thought to be the explanation for why breakthrough infections tend to be relatively minor (and these breakthrough infections can be minimized through boosters)…

most governments now are pursuing policies that anticipate, encourage and expedite universal, indiscriminate vaccination…they wouldn’t be doing so if medical science didn’t back them up…

i think it’s quite unlikely that any of us are separated from the politics swirling all around us, even if we think we are…one of the values of political analysis is that it distills into overt, identifiable form what we may consciously recognize in ourselves only on a peripheral level, especially if we aren’t political operatives ourselves…when we look at the MAGA reality forcing itself on our horizon now, for example, it is the case that conservative christians are influenced by its tendencies, whether they recognize it or not…there’s no other way to explain so many common, intersecting thinking points…

i quite doubt that you are as independent of the political arena as you assume, even if you don’t vote, or follow D.C. news…

On one end you claim that ideal is to oppose mandates that run along the lines of your religious preferences… on the other, you arr quite fine with trampling on religious preferences of other people.

Then vaccinate these guys and keep them off the streets. Stop trying to push that stuff on children through shame and pseudo-moralism.

There are no commercial tests for Delta. Delta is an assumption based on loosely-sampled data of approximately 750 samples from entire nation / week. There’s no reliably conclude that someone is Delta unless they actually test as Delta.

At this moment, it’s a pseudo-scientific narrative. You pushing it as “wait and see” has no bearing on scientific viability of these arguments.

This is incredibly misleading if you turn around and set up statistical appeal to efficacy of vaccines.

Stats aren’t there to provide guarantee. These are there to inform you so you can adequately assess your own risks.

Risks in 1-19 group are virtually non-existent. In 19-50 group these align with risk groups, but few people die.

Older people suffer the most, but it’s not the reason to impose unnecessary treatment on younger. Stop pushing that pseudo-scientific nonsense.

We can protect older and at risk segments with vax… which makes sense. Absolutely. But to claim that there’s some scientific justification for everyone. Stop it. Science and data is not on your side with this.

There isn’t even enough sick young people in studies to make claims about efficacy. They don’t get severe illness.

Because it overproduces these proteins in isolation from the virus.

You ignore that IT DOESN’T PREVENT INFECTION, which is an entirely different mechanism of the immune system. Natural immunity is better at preventing infections.

Hence, your claim is misleading. Immunity that actually prevents systemic infections is clearly better than the one that doesn’t.

This is naive, and this is where your Sunday laws double-standards kick in. It’s like arguing that taking a Sunday off to cut down carbon footprint is rooted in actual science that you shouldn’t deny.

What does that have to do with 1-19 group? It’s absolute nonsense and pseudoscientific policy at its worst.

To say thay governments always act in best interest of the public is historically incorrect.

What does pumping children with unnecessary mRNA therapy has to do with MAGA?

Has nothing to do with politics of left or right. It’s wrong no matter who pushes this nonsense, be it Trump or Biden.

It’s especially wrong if someone like you who understands and agrees with these arguments still manages to turn around and say … but but but.

There are no buts. Forcing unnecessary medical procedures on someone is immoral. That’s especially the case with forcing unnecessary medical procedures on children. Closing one’s eyes on it is one of the worst things a Christian can do.


I am actually not surprised at all you would think that based on your comments about everything and everyone. For the record, I have been a Libertarian since before I even knew what a Libertarian is (or better stated was) in my teen years, even before coming the US. In simple terms that means a very deep belief in small government, the right to self-sufficiency and the right to own, exchange and enjoy the fruits of our creativity and our labor without government intervention. I also believe the government’s overall role is to protect society by acknowledging and implementing human right laws, and the defense of the country’s borders. I don’t support a government’s right to mandate morality or even manage welfare, both being individual and religious groups’ responsibility.

I am not old enough to have experienced probably the best US president in modern times (Kennedy) but I did fall in love with Reagan’s “tax revolution” for obvious reasons, and quickly fell out of love with the likes of either of George Bushes, whom I regard as humanity criminals. I have voted for both Republican and Democrat presidents only after voting in each case for their primary opponents, and have equally regretted it for different reasons.
After many years of stressful living and arguments with some of our best friends I decided to turn off CNN, NPR, and a host of other news sources (excluding FOX and MSNBC) I used to watch daily. I don’t live in a cave, I do read about news mostly now but the difference is I seek and choose individually rather than sit in front of propaganda machines like a robot, and I decide what is worth believing AFTER checking and confirming the sources.


sounds like a good plan…

An extreme attack on something that has saved perhaps millions of lives. Even the most cynical should see that. The plague was by Satan; the vaccine came through the goodness of God. Nothing is perfect that humans do, and it is not going to be 100% but the majority of data show the truth of its effectiveness for most. I suggest your harsh words, without the weight of evidence, be kept to yourself. If you are wrong, think of the damage you are doing. Be humble and learn.
That doesn’t mean I agree with threatening people with job loss. We should all be encouraged, not mandated, to do what is logical and right for all. It’s a free choice.


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I received this message yesterday in response to my post summarizing Robert Malone’s video, but received no answer when I inquired about what specific item(s) in my post represent “misinformation”. I also notivced that an additional posted document in a different interview with Dr. Malone’s was also removed without notice. This message did not contain any qualifying/quantifying or qualitative comments from but it was rather a direct post of the interview. No explanation was provided for this removal either


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Deleted comment…
Hey Jeremy

I decided to jump in into this messy conversation in the hope that I can bring a different perspective. (seriously). Don’t be offended, it is not the intent, but most of your arguments now and in past blogs on this topic have been, sorry to repeat it, propped up by and supported with media disinformation, even as you at least seem to take the time to research the concerns about Covid, which is more than can be said about many.

Unfortunately, even some of those who support not being vaccinated are also involved with political ideology as evidenced by their comments about Trump, the evil Left and so forth. My position on COVID is NO ONE should be including politics, left right, or middle into the mix. This should not be a political issue even as it has been grossly politicized by all sides.

So what is to know about mRNA? Its inventor, Dr Malone has exposed many serious issues with how it has been used and worse, with how the vaccine trials have been conducted. These are some of his points in the video:

  • The engineered spike protein is cytotoxic despite what Reuters and other have printed.
  • Spike opens the blood brain barrier
  • The vaccines have proven to produce same or similar toxic results as COVID in some cases – on this topic he used the duck analogy “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s a… canary (sorry I added the canary part as people are clearly being used for that purpose in the rhetorical “COVID mine”.
  • The reason is that the same toxicity has been found in the engineered protein (vaccines).
  • Although the engineered receptor binding is different that the H2 pathogen, open confirmation of the receptor binding domain is purposely applied to the entire bloodstream to generate the antibody effect (total risk).
  • What went wrong he says is that vaccines like Moderna is that the trans-membrane they added to ensure the protein “would stay put” has NOT worked.
  • He was “alarmed” when the FDA asked him to review trials from Japan not having followed scientific protocol to ensure the protein would not run rampant throughout the body, which has now been proven to stay in the human body for as long one month instead of 2 days as intended, while causing massive havoc in the way our immune systems respond – This is what kiils people, not the supposed virus.
  • They didn’t used the real spike protein to detect its existence, also using the “least” sensitive method (whole animal and least sensitive part of the animal) to detect photons to prove/disprove spike protein presence – He called it “a biased experiment” and also said it was “ODD” on the part of the FDA to use this experiment to approve the vaccine!.
  • His final recommendation is that no one under 40 should be taking the vaccine based on risk/benefit analysis and that Moderna should be discontinued immediately.

There is so much more share, like he says there is a “concerted and orchestrated effort” on the part of all governments and global media (he cites a few like Associated Press and Reuters, which you have used here) to conceal the negative effects because they feel is for the “good of the people” to be vaccinated but they (FDA and governments) will soon have to own up to it to prevent a global disaster (as if were not that already).

If you or anyone else is truly interested in scientific truth (as close as it comes from an FDA insider) It is well worth watching – most of the critical information comes after 1.5 Hrs.

For the @webEd

Could you expound on this situation? It looks like information with any view of the mRNA shot that questions the official narrative will be deleted?

Thanks for clarifying.


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