Valentine's Day Memorial Service for Those Who Loved Herbert Douglass

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A Memorial Service will be held at 4:00 PM on Sabbath, February 14, 2015 for Dr. Herbert E. Douglass, Jr. Douglass, a Seventh-day Adventist scholar, administrator and writer, who passed away on December 15, 2014 at the age of 87. Douglass helped to write the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary series and authored "Messenger of the Lord," a biography of Ellen G. White.

Read an obituary by General Conference archivist David Trim: "Adventist Scholar, Author and Administrator Herbert E. Douglass Passes Away."

The memorial will be held at the Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist Church, 4600 Winding Way, Sacramento, CA 95841. In lieu of customary remembrances, and for those desiring, contributions in the memory of Dr. Douglass may be directed to either:

Adventist Heritage Ministry
P.O. Box 1414, Battle Creek, MI


Just As I Am Ministries
2501 Highway 193, Lincoln, CA

The following interview with Dr. Douglass was produced by Susanne and Bryan Vyhmeister for Digital Stripe Media, and is provided specifically for those unable to attend the memorial service.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

those who know him as well as I do will think as much of him as I do. Tom Z

(Interested Friend) #3

When was this recorded? Anyone know?

(André Reis) #4

I’m sorry but I have very little respect for a man who led so many to believe in the heresy of salvation by works and perfectionism. I should know, I was one of them.

(Susanne Vyhmeister ) #5

This was filmed as part of a series of interviews with over twenty men and women in the SDA Church in December 2008.


Be that as it may; and I’m sorry that the theology effected you so negatively; but surely we can put that aside for this one article at least, which is about his Valentine’s day memorial service.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #7

Tony you are right, let the dead past bury their dead. As an institutional man he was without peer. But I must add in his day, the best read in the Review was Miriam Wood. Tom Z

(Tom Loop) #8

His theology aside, Elder Douglas was one of the sweatest, kindest, gentlest persons one could ever have a conversation with. I remember well talking with him one sabbath at the church in Lincoln when our daughter was attending Weimar. For years afterward I always intended to look him up and have a face- to- face conversation with him on some issues like justification, IJ, grace and the like, but never managed to get the time to do it. He included me on his list of email contacts to receive his Red Alerts. I got tired of them in short order and just started to delete them from my email.
Herb was a man a devout follower of Christ, who at the same time seemed to embrace a theology that I can best characterize as a profile in conflict. Can anyone tell me where I can find his take on justification.
Here on these blogs Kevin is probably the most visible and vocal defenders of Last Generation Theology (LGT). I totally reject his beliefs on justification, and I believe that Herb did too.
Jared, I am going to try and make it to Herb’s memorial. I presume you will be there too. I would like to meet you. Which church in Sacto area will you be attending church services that morning? If at all possible I would like to come to town early enough to attend church. Please respond. Thanks, and have a nice day.

(Interested Friend) #9

Thanks you very much for that info.
In The Grip of Truth

(Interested Friend) #10

Absolutely, why crucify one with whom you may disagree before his body is hardly cold. I knew him personally and he was not a combative person.
In The Grip of Truth

(Interested Friend) #11

This may not be exactly what you are looking for but it’s a start.

(George Tichy) #12

Are you related to Edwin Vyhmeister, MD in Seattle?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #13

in this statement Dr Douglass falls back on John Wesley’s definition of perfection. Clear of know rebellion but not clear of mistakes. Revelation makes it clear. the final generation will stand as firm as the three worthies of Daniel. The mind, hand, and knee belong to Christ alone. Tom Z

(Thomas J Zwemer) #14

I am not now, nor have I been a Seventh-day Adventist since the purge at Southern. Yet I still hold a number of heroes within Adventism. first is Edward Heppenstsll, Then Graham Maxwell, C. B. Haynes, Paul Heubach, H.M. S. Richards, Fritz Guy, Unfortunately Herbert Douglass doesn’t fit that mould. He was Of Saint Francis with a clean shirt and a glib pen. Tom Z

(Susanne Vyhmeister ) #15

Yes sir!:slight_smile: My father in-law is Edgar Vyhmeister (I married Edgar’s son Bryan) cousin to Edwin Vyhmeister.

(George Tichy) #16

Edwin is married to Ingrid, my niece.
Nice to meet another relative! :slight_smile:

(Susanne Vyhmeister ) #17

Oh wow! Nice to meet you too! We are all here with Edgar Vyhmeister, Bryan Vyhmeister, the little four Vyhmeister children, and I saying hello to you too! :smile:

(Thomas J Zwemer) #18

what surprises me is, not a word from Kevin Paulsen. He owes his theology to Dr. Douglass. In modern times it was first broached by M. L. Andreasen, then The Leadership of the Review without Neufeld. Brinsmead mixed it up. then Heppenstsll and Ford restored orthodoxy. Now it seems Pastor Ted Wilson is reverting.
the One Project seems to be attempting two things, embrace a post modern ethos, with an orthodox view of the centrality of the Cross without raising the hackles of the brethren. Tomorrow is the day. Will it celebrate a life, or mark the end of an agenda. Tom Z

(Kevin Paulson) #19

Tom, I was happy to be present at the memorial service yesterday for Dr. Douglass at the Carmichael SDA Church, and to deliver a brief tribute to his influence on my theological convictions and spiritual journey. I was also deeply honored to be invited to deliver another tribute to Dr. Douglass to the student body of Weimar College, where I was invited to take the Sabbath School hour and share my experiences with Dr. Douglass, which go back to my junior year at Monterey Bay Academy during the controversy over the Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly, Jesus the Model Man. My first letter from Dr. Douglass dates from the month of April, 1977.

The Sabbath morning sermon at the church on the Weimar campus was delivered by one of the professors there, and was titled, “Is Jesus Late?” A powerful, Bible-based exposition of Last Generation Theology.

Dr. Douglass’ many books were on display at both the Carmichael Church and on the Weimar campus. Many were drawn to them, and I pray many more will acquire and read them. The articulate and courageous work of this giant of a man of God will surely follow after him.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #20

Kevin. I am glad you were there and a part of the service. He was in theological error but he was nice about it. Thanks you for reporting. Tom Z