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Adventists often stay Adventist, Pew survey shows, with good analysis by Monte Sahlin, a church growth specialist and director of research for the Ohio Conference, found positive news in the Pew study, as well as items of concern.

This study finds the Seventh-day Adventist share of the population at 0.4 percent and the last major study of this kind [the American Religious Identification Survey in 2001] found it to be 0.3 percent then. Over the past seven years, the Adventist Church in the U.S. has increased its share of the population by one third," Sahlin noted.

However, he added, the "potential bad news is the clear evidence of a dropout problem. The 2001 ARIS study found that 73 percent of those reared in the Adventist Church stayed in and that has dropped to 60 percent. The tendency of new generations of Adventists to not bond with our denomination is accelerating.

Union College receives commendation from the Nebraska legislature.

Ground 7 News

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And Adventist News from down-under

  • Adventists broker peace between warring tribes in Papua New Guinea;
  • Australian churches' President plans new "lay pastor" role for local churches;
  • 123 year old "Signs" magazine is probably the oldest continuing Australian publication since "The Bulletin" stopped last month;
  • Newspoll is commissioned to study what the community think of Adventists;
  • School chaplain plans for large numbers of converts this year;
  • Launceston volunteers get Adventist Church recognition in Mongolia;
  • Adventist leaders start blogging;
  • New programs for Hope Channel;
  • New book about Adventist schools in South Australia launched.

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