Video| LLU Talk: The Spiritual and Medical Applications of Psychedelic Drugs

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An independent researcher, Jan Irvin writes that, "this is a lecture I gave on December 2, 2010 at Loma Linda University Medical Center’s School of Pharmacy. The lecture is titled: "The Spiritual and Medical Applications of Psychedelic Drugs."

The connection between spirituality and psychoactivity is controversial subject matter. But like many experiences outside of mainstream Seventh-day Adventist culture, the history and function of entheogens is a growing field of academic and medical research.

In this climate of attack on Adventist academia, I recognize that there is some risk in sharing this Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy talk. But once folks recognize what exactly a world class pharmacy school does and they listen to this academic lecture, I hope that a constructive critical discussion will ensue about the points that Jan Irvin raises about how various cultures have employed fermented and psychoactive substances and their spiritual and medical applications.

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