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On May 5, at Loma Linda University, David Larson, Ph.D., moderated a discussion of Sigve K. Tonstad's new book, The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day. Of the book, Richard B. Hays, George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke University, writes:

Sigve Tonstad combines careful biblical theology with an insightful unfolding of history to reveal the story behind the story, well informed by a broad range of critical literature. All this is achieved with a literary finesse that makes it a delight to read despite the rigor of much of the theological discourse. Every pastor and theologian should read this book. It will transform the thinking on a matter of immense biblical significance.

The panel discussion, part of the "Adventism and the World" series hosted by the Loma Linda University School of Religion, included Luke Ford, Bonnie Dwyer, Adina Hemley, and Roy Branson. (See video for Dr. Larson's introduction of each panelist.)

Watch the video here.

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