Viewpoint: GYC Presentation Promotes Damaging Message About Gay Youth

Like a lot of denominations, the Seventh-day Adventist church is getting it wrong when it comes to its LGBT youth. We're completely wrong, and we're putting lives at risk. I've spoken up on behalf of dialogue, bridge-building and elevating the conversation between the church and its LGBT members, but sometimes reprehensible acts of spiritual violence and misinformation must be called out directly.

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The GYC presenter as you quote said that:" the those who believe homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle are “under demonic control.” " He is not talking about “orientation” but about practice of a “lifestyle”. The church’s position is Biblical, clear and compassionate. It is in promoting any sexual “lifestyle” that is contrary to Biblical standard, that would be inviting the enemy into our ranks. No one is condemning the LGBT community but we are all called to be Holy and Wholely for the Lord and His truth.

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