Viewpoint: How Our Understanding of Homosexuality Has Changed

It seems to me that there are two crucial questions that must be answered before we can deal with this matter properly.

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Our “understanding” (in some circles, that is) may have changed, but the Bible’s position on it remains the same.

Dr. Kubo may once again be accused of thinking out of he box. And it is precisely this kind of thinking that will break down walls and start conversations. For it is not our sexuality that saves us, but it is His abundant grace. It is not our sexuality that damns us, it is our paucity of His grace. And to experience and share this thing of grace, we first must begin to speak and listen with one another.

Being walled off from grace is the cosmic tragedy mankind must loathe most. For herein we find doom. Sealed forever.
Final and silent.

Instead, let’s talk! Why not consider this unusual approach to our differences? Just for now, let’s step gingerly on a bit of common ground. That is, identity, authenticity, grace and love.

Show me how you love me, and my heart will surely melt. Draw me to Jesus with His grace and I willl follow you straight home to the Master. Our Master. Who made me and will one day make us both somehow just like Him!