Vote for the 2016 Adventist Person of the Year

And I would like to wholeheartedly second this nomination. @kennlutz @bronwynreid @hopeful


I vote for Ben. The man has done an exceptional job in saving young living as perhaps one of the most effective paediatric neurosurgeons of all time , and has also shown great character in rising from an underprivileged inner city background , nurtured by the SDA Church. Moreover I have heard that he is a faithful husband , and NOW, in 2016, he has been nominated to a Cabinet position…Still an SDA Church member, as far as I know. I do not support Trump’s “grab them…” statement by any means, but it was said in private , and the man was seemingly overwhelmed by the" beauty"and sexual attractiveness of the females of our species, as even “the sons of God” were, apparently, :gen. 6:1 ff, though their actions were by no means exemplary or worthy to be adopted. But if there is one outstanding thing I was called upon to name ,that makes me praise almighty God, the creator of us all, it is his work in creating woman :when at her best: so affectionate and caring, charming,the mother of our children and romantic “co- conspirator” supreme…


I vote for Ted Wilson.


I vote for Mel Gibson. The most beloved Catholic among Adventists. Hacksaw Ridge has made even Latin American pastors, who used to discipline members for going to the movies, encourage them to break the rule for this one.


Its like the Nobel Prize. You don’t get it in the year you did the work, but in the year you were recognized.

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Desmond Ford* should be on this list, but since he is not,
Ricardo Graham for sure!!!

*I can’t think of anyone else that contributed so positively to the Church as Des Ford. He helped to clean up the theological mess, though the leaders’ option was to reject his clear biblical work and keep the mess. Still a mess!


@JaredWright just posted on Facebook that the winner was Doug Batchelor.
After Trump’s victory, everything is possible.
I cannot believe this is true. Isn’t it fake news???
BUT, if it is true, then Spectrum is nothing but a disaster!
And it may as well be true. See the message below:

"Я поздравляю наших друзей на Spectrum для захватывающего выбора! Дуг Батчелор, безусловно, наш парень.
Наши электронные усилия только окупились. Мы уже направили ему CD с официальной музыкой, которую должны играть в своей знаменитой LGT Церкви до и после каждой службы: La Putineske.
Лучше всего, чтобы все !!! "

Владимир Путин

@ageis711Oxyain @elmer_cupino @harrpa et al


Jesus is not on the list . . .

“Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath.”
~ Mark, 2

And Jesus said to him,
“Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests,
but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”
~ Luke, 9

. . . still.

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The person of the year should be a person who has made a major impact on the SDA Church, whether positive or negative.

In that spirit, President Ted Wilson should be considered the “Person of the Year.” In retrospect, his reign may be seen as doing more than any other person could do to:

  1. Bring about the ordination of women.

  2. Move the denomination toward congregationalism.

  3. Reduce the influence of the General Conference in denominational life.

  4. Bring about changes in member giving of tithe and offerings to semi-independent organizations outside of the direct influence of denominational leaders.

  5. Popularize a SDA Creed.

  6. Institute central control over certain college and university faculty.

  7. Centralize authority.

  8. Reduce the “Big Tent” philosophy that has allowed people to associate with us who are on a spiritual journey, but have not yet arrived at perfection.

NOTE: As I am not a prophet, I cannot say how many of the above will become President Ted’s impact oh the SDA denomination. But, I do believe that all are possible and more. In many ways, he is likely to have made more of an impact on this denomination than any other modern GC President. I also believe that the consequences of his attempt to make changes in this denomination may be positive and result in this Church becoming more effective in accomplishing its mission.


What are the criteria for the award - personal sacrifice for fellow man? Achievement for the benefit of the incorporated church entity?

For contributions to society at large: I vote for Desmond Doss or I nominate David Appel, MD.

If it be achievement for the benefit of the denomination, I vote for Dan Jackson - his example being an inspiration for other division leaders throughout the world.

But overall, I prefer not to have awards for the purpose of “patting ourselves on the back” as Adventists.


Yes. Very, very good question. Can someone from @Spectrum respond?


Criteria are broad and are laid out in the body of this article. Thanks to all who participated in the reader poll. Results forthcoming!


Please…no empirical standards or things like nominations by the public are to be used! It interferes with whatever slant the publisher wants to put on it.

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You cant judge Ben on the past actions of his employer. Trump also should not be judged with a christian lens…he is a worldly leader and so you cant hold him to Christian standards… God sometimes puts people into positions of power to counteract other damaging influences…maybe all the Christians were too weak to announce and implement what Trump is doing…he has made some courageous decisions and is to be applauded for them…Ben can only temper Trump into a brave and respectful leader that is needed for this dark hour of earths history when the east is coming to do harm to the west…be thankful Ben and Trump are in there…

I’ll be honest. Feeling thankful for their win in any way, shape or form is an ask. A big ask.

Go on, name one. I’ll try to see it from your perspective - solemn promise.

No, but I can judge him for saying that the pyramids were built to store wheat.(!??!)

@kennlutz @GeorgeTichy @bronwynreid


Oh no! This is so unfair. Only 3 women nominated! I trusted Spectrum to be an advocate for women’s rights and equality. How can a magazine promoting women’s ordination and gay rights not be more inclusive?

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In centuries past you would have voted against British immigration (rebels they were and warmongers), German immigrants, French, Italian, Irish, Prussian, Scandanavian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Scottish…