We Aren’t Doing Enough: The Church and Black Lives Matter

Perhaps we need to focus on our role in life. Why are we here? Is it to spread the Gospel of Jesus’ salvation to all the people? Jesus uses us to witness for him by helping His neglected and oppressed ones by one-on-one service. This takes action, and it is not easy. It is not easy to forgive or teach forgiveness. Yet these are the way of Christ. We are His first and being members of a group comes down the line way after family and church. I have not walked in the shoes of the racially oppressed but have been oppressed in other ways. Christ comes first and our life is dedicated to Him.
Are any of you aware that the Russians have actively targeted our society on sticky issues, especially this one, to sow anger and hatred in the nation?. Tune in to C-Span for the investigation. We have ignored some facts (i.e.,FBI reports) to meet our subjective needs on both sides. In doing so we continue to alienate each other with untrue labels and increase discord.