We Didn’t Start the Fire but the Tinder Was Ours

In the 1940’s+ there was a movement of SDA’s to the area of southern Idaho (where I live) in a leave-the-cities-for-the-safety-of-the-hills episode. They moved into the forest near a stream and founded “Advent Gulch”, and waited. And waited. Lacking a charismatic leader, they just fell into patterns of kooky behaviors and the group eventually fell apart, with participants moving back to civilization. Funny how Jesus never made plans for armed-standoffs for his followers, or for his team to go out in a blaze of glory…or set up any kingdom at all at the time. I do remember about the denomination distancing itself from connection to Koresh: “nothing to do with us!” when there was a great deal of connection. It was a taught mindset, same as with the little Advent Gulch band.


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