We Have This Hope

I’m a Seventh-day Adventist because of hope. As Wayne Hooper put it, “We have this hope that burns within our hearts—hope in the coming of the Lord. We have this faith that Christ alone imparts, faith in the promise of His Word.”

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I am so blessed to have read this homily. Thank you.


There is no better expression of hope and inspiration than these beautiful these words convey. It’s a perfect declaration of unity, for a people on a long journey, looking for culmination and rest.

My hope is in Christ, as some days I find myself, like a turtle on its back, helpless to right myself. My hope is to see my mom dad again and thank them, as an adult, for their gifts to my life.

My hope has turned into faith in God’s goodness and grace, coming from the ways He has lead me throughout my life.

My faith (stronger some days than other days) is in the promises recorded in the life of Christ. My hope is that someday I will understand completely, instead of living in the shadowlands of this life.


Thank you so much for this encouraging article.

I have this hope that someday in heaven I will see all of my beloved LGBTQI brothers and sisters who have been driven from the church by it’s rejection and cruelty.


“We” are a mix of success and failure. “We” have a history that we cannot deny. “We” are sinners called to something better. “We” are loved and are called to love.

“We” are a broken, imperfect people. “We” are not called to judge. “We” are called to look to the One who is love.

“We” are not saved as a group, but as individuals.


So fine and uplifting! Perhaps a subtle message with the 14 points…

Thanks for your points of “hope.” What plans do you suggest to implement a “hope” like this at the Conference and local church level?

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