“We Stand on Their Shoulders”

George R. Knight’s lapel mic wasn’t working on June 20 at the North American Division (NAD) CALLED Convention, and he had to fumble for a handheld one. “I’ve got to put this thing up here? I’m not counting that as part of my five minutes!” he quipped. Ever a colorful speaker, the Adventist scholar and prolific author, now 80, has been retired for some years and keeping a quieter public profile. But interspersed throughout the programming at the pastor’s convention, he took to the stage to give vignettes of six prominent Adventist pioneers.

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Thank you Spectrum for posting these video clips of Dr. George Knight educating us on the history of the SDA church. As the saying goes, " Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." I don’t think the church forgot our diverse history, but instead chooses to hide it.

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