“We Will Not be Deterred.” NAD Year-end Meetings Day 1

(Joselito Coo) #22

Fact checking:

Companires are church plants that convert to organized congregations or churches.

(Carlo Schroeder) #23

I actually enjoyed that intro, there is space to disagree and agree, and freedom to say and express one’s thoughts. I think that even we has humans are flawed, it is God what we should focus on. I also agree that each territory should be able to express evanglism in its own form, and uses methods which best suits the corresponding unions and conferences. Because one fits all does not work, because English would be the GC language, but many members speak English as a third of forth language, that is unfair. Also, many countries are facing social changes, which demands '" I condem you no more" approach, so as to reflect the character of God.
I am not from the NAD, and trust me, you have it very nice, no Mafia.

(Gillian Ford) #24

Thanks Alisa for this report. It is well done and takes you there.

(Kim Green) #25

It will be interesting to see how the global SDA church will do if it happens to lose tithe and mission offerings. I don’t agree that the global church won’t “suffer” because it does take a lot of money to build churches, educational and medical facilities. However, maybe it is time (as you mention) to cut the “colonial culture of dependence on the West”.

(Steve Mga) #26

Alisa –
Thanks. Will re-read AToday.

(Elmer Cupino) #27

I am praying that DJ and the NAD officers/leaders can bring this rally to fruition.

(Jeffrey Kent) #28

Consider the irony: Many of us abhor the growing atmosphere of nationalism in America, yet we are welcoming an atmosphere of nationalism within our church. Given the parallels in leadership between our respective leaders, the contrast in this regard is stunning to think about.

(Carlo Schroeder) #29

Good idea, cut the colonial empire mind set. Not until recently did I learn that this colonial empire was not the NAD, but the GC. If one just considers that the NAD is really a new entity, because in the past it was controlled by the GC.

(Peter) #30

Judge NOT, brother! Your accusations are actually only your opinion. Many of us have heard Elder Jackson beautifully and lovingly preach Jesus.

(Kim Green) #31

So true…like your point.

(Thabani) #32

Adventism has been changed, history has been reversed,I am four decades into this faith,I’ve planted churches,we’ve had all night prayers and bible studies,I never so such animosity,such hatred,such racism,for years the sda church has been moving in unity because westerners were calling the shots,how many quarterlies were written in Africa? How many GC sessions were staged in Africa let alone outside America?how many GC presidents have represented any other race except the status quo? The sda church to this day is run on “white culture” drums are not acceptable because they "invoke ancestral worship,our people still believe and enact that those who serve at the pulpit must put on a jacket,conferences are run interms of race ie “black conference and white conference”
NAD issues are genuine to me but the solutions are hypocrisy and double standard to me
Exiting the WhatsApp group you started because admin has changed is pure malice
Address issues,agree that voting is also a WESTERN CULTURE which is biting you so terribly that you feel the pain
It’s unfortunate that you see this now,WE GREW UP IN IT,let’s go back to the bible
Let the westerners ask us( Africans) how their cultures have been a huge disadvantage in the sda church for decades,that way we move forward with confidence and in one accord
It’s not about NAD and western ideologies and “needs” it’s about the gospel

(Nkosi) #33

Unfortunately or fortunately in sid members build churches, I pray nad votes to withhold its tithes, then all of this will go away. the church of God cannot be held at ransom by money.

(Nkosi) #34

The master is threatened by the slave. Rise black child, they will only acknowledge you as a brother as long as you are subservient to their will.it’s time for Africa to stand up to the west .

(Elmer Cupino) #35

What took so long a time for Africa to harness the courage to stand up to the west? Economic opportunities.

(Elmer Cupino) #36

Wouldn’t it be great if the GC headquarters were to move to Africa? It would be the ultimate win-win situation for all. Africa would feel validated and NAD would not have a big brother looking over its shoulder dictating how the gospel should be proclaimed with the flavor of African culture. All heaven will be rejoicing.

(George Tichy) #37

I fully support this. Africa should be 100% independent from anyone else. Full autonomy, full disconnect, fully in charge of everything, refusing any contributions either monetary or technological. I hope the GC respects this wish.

(George Tichy) #38

If the GC actually moved to Africa (which would be a blessing to ALL…), will then the GC send missionaries from there at least to America? Will they send money to help us build churches here?

Considering the past, maybe it’s time for Africa to start re-paying what they got in the past. They should be OK with that now that they are on their own feet… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(Bruce Clements) #39

A person writing “fake news” would not have the temerity to make up a report about the “hooey” that’s currently taking place amidst The Seventh Day Arrogance Denomination, in “real life”.
Who would believe such an obvious fabrication were it not for the fact that similar histrionics and histories have happened thousands of times, to hundreds of other subcults, over the past two millennia?
“What?!?! It took 33,000 and 1 subsects of ‘Christianity’ to finally understand Jesus Message correctly?!?! Seems like if Jesus’ dad really is almighty, he would be better at least a little bit better at communication!”
And okay, judge me as being judgmental if you dare, but logic tells me that all of these schism-prone subdivisions cannot possibly be The True Remnant Church, with a corollary that it’s reasonable to conclude that all of these “faiths”—except perhaps one—must be unfaithful, and/or unbelievable, in one way or the other.
So until Jesus comes back and says “Brand X got it right! The rest of you can burn in hell.” I remain convinced that he had no intention of starting any religious organization whatsoever (otherwise why wouldn’t he have written his own gospel?), and that he perhaps intentionally refrained from doing so for no better reason than to avoid the embarrassment of all that’s gone on “in his name” ever since he exited “Stage Up”.
Instead, I’ll side with Neitzche in believing that the last “real” Christian died on the cross…or in The South of France, depending on which myth one finds preferable.

(Nkosi) #40

You tend somehow to think we need your money, good news for you brother, we don’t! Please keep it. This is a sincere call to all and everyone who thinks like you. we don’t want your money, please keep it George, don’t bother we never asked for it in the first place. Hope you had a beautiful day at church. if you read my posts one common thread is charity begins at home. oh by the way, Canada is in America unless it changed recently

(Kim Green) #41

At least churches can be built. The money issue at stake is a poignant reminder of the church as a political entity- which I suppose none of us can escape (especially under the current administration). Sadly enough.