“We Will Not be Deterred.” NAD Year-end Meetings Day 1

(George Tichy) #42

Oh brother, there was never a penny going from me to Africa. Ever! You are talking to the wrong person. You owe me nothing! …

(Kim Green) #43

I will agree that Jesus never intended to start denominations- including the SDA church. Also, God doesn’t need the Adventists to bring salvation.

Adventism is unfortunately at the place where many other denoms have been…it can not be reversed. However, God can still be in our hearts if we wish Him to be.

(Nkosi) #44

So why are you concerned about those that are sending it. let them do what they want with their money. and good you’re not sending keep it that. I for one truely appreciate that from you


I wonder if there is a chance that missionaries might be sent to Michigan ?

War has ‘needs’, too.
It needs bodies for the real, the proud, the few bullies to hide behind.
Ask any abandoned war veteran how it felt to be ‘needed’, briefly,
before being left behind not-so-briefly,as they pled with the bullies, “Please don’t go.”

What the church ‘needs’ is to be cleansed of the bullies.

Are these really ‘new congregations’ or just ‘new targets’ for old SDA bullies to infiltrate and destroy with their ‘old covenant’ boasting amid perpetual failings ? Such as ‘Vegan Nazis’, preaching their ‘gospel’ of life without . . . chocolate, milk, eggs, meat, GMOs . . . complete with potluck policing ?

I believe Michigan is in the NAD, but I don’t believe that its ‘one North Star’ is Jesus.
Plenty of ‘ordained’ pulpit stars seem to be worshipped, instead.

“There stood a man of Michigan, and prayed him, saying,
Come over into Michigan, and help us.” ~ Re-Acts 16:9

(Kim Green) #46

You slay me, Dennis! :laughing: Through hyperbole…you have certainly painted a picture of SDA “truism”.


And what are the main/ relevant points, take aways from the sermons?
Any sermon I heard from him was a superficial, religious pep talk. If any interest, find your favorite and post the link and I will critique. Most SDA preachers have no clue on how to preach. They are usually damage control, remedial, innocuous,shallow , non fat dry milk typical topical, low bible exposure fluffy, sermonettes.

So I do a Google and find this…

And he starts out about cautioning people about those who don’t preach Jesus and then He goes to a text about Elisha…….uh hello??

If you even check out the article, it’s just a self-serving institutional/denominational, pep talk for the young audience of discouraged doubters.

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Oh, you do have a way with descriptors! After all these years…you must stay up late coming up with new words/phrases. Simply amazing. :laughing:

(Kim Green) #49

BTW…what qualifies you as a “critiquer” of sermons?


Why, my reputation on Spectrum, of course.,

(Kim Green) #51

Ha…yes…”reputation”. Thanks for the laughs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ya got nada then…lol
I would LOVE to see a critique from you of a sermon from Jackson. Please share!!


See my edited post above

(Kim Green) #53

I saw…and??? Where is your critique?


For that , what qualifies anyone including you?

Can’t you say that any sermon is good, if one single person gets warm fuzzies while listening?


A clue on how fanatic Adventists are is their obsession with the Adventist leadership darling.

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You got nada…just confirmed it. Thanks for clarification. Bye!


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There is still a glimmer of hope yet!


Make sure you shake the dust off your sandals


Africa is,… standing up to the west. The west “TOAST” to their subservient black child for centuries to constantly drink to their slave health; the west invariably ruin their own.

(Elmer Cupino) #60

Better yet, why don’t you post a link to your sermon and allow us to critique? We promise to be kind, passionate and gentle.


It took me a while . . . had to go for a ride toward Duluth and cool off. Then had to look up ‘hyperbole’. Sure enough. Turns out its a way of SDA life in Northern Michigan. There are SDAs there who can tell you 50 ways to leave your chocolate, when they clearly have not yet seceded themselves.

I had actually naturally gotten sick and tired of chocolate as an ‘apostate’ SDA. Simply grew out of it. Then I visited a local SDA church where it was the most important item on the agenda, if not the menu. They got me so stirred up I had to hit the Snickers bars ASAP just to come back down to Earth. . . Sort of like re-listening to John Prine after watching the 2018 GC Annual Council. :sunglasses: