“We Will Not be Deterred.” NAD Year-end Meetings Day 1

(Kim Green) #82

Haha…your vocab “word of the day” :grinning:

Drink some hot chocolate and listen to more Prine! :rofl:


Most SDA are so conditioned from listening to superficial, religious lingo/clichés, institutional pom pom waving sermonettes and brow beating, damage control, shallow theological therapy talks, that anything that I would present would cause emotional constipation.

(Kim Green) #84

Nathan, I think Jackson is refering to “official” SDA publications as “fake news”.

(Robert Lindbeck) #85

Stop blathering from the sidelines and get in the game.

(Robert Lindbeck) #86

@timteichman, perhaps if I used the term “Discrimination”. The same type of discrimination you and I are opposed to with respect to WO. (You are opposed to this discrimination aren’t you @timteichman?)


And this means what?

I am the most active sabbath school participant at the local church I go to.
and have taught sabbath school since 1975.
and have guest preached in 4 SDA churches.

And posting even this some will think that I have "I " trouble.

However, I don’t ever invite any unchurched person or non SDA , to an SDA church because of how pathetic the servicers are…especially the sermons.

At 50:00 Dan mentions a “strong belief” that reveals a major shortcoming/criticism of teaching approaches that pervade the SDA denomination. Jim Cress, former GC ministerial secretary even wrote an article for Ministry magazine…:“Let’s abolish the Laity”…so much for ideas from leaders that hardly get implemented.

(Kim Green) #88

Ghandi famously said that he loved Christ…but not Christians. Not difficult to understand why…


Yeah, for the most part, they are the result of inept and /or unconverted preachers.

(Elmer Cupino) #90

I have no doubt. You already have shown a command of words to find good excuses.

(Nathan Robinson) #91

Does that statement advance his argument or credibility, to you, in any way? Fake news was and is a problem, but the only people who use that term to paint entire organizations are Donald Trump, Fox News, and now . . . Dan Jackson. Not such great company.

I wonder if Jackson would like to he heard using any other quotes from the 2016 Presidential campaign . . .

(Tim Teichman) #92

This has nothing to do with the question as far as I can tell. Why don’t you just answer?

(Eugene Borg) #93

I love your new moniker of Seventh-day NADventist!
I am reminded of a list I came across from years ago that defined our members in this way:

(Joselito Coo) #94

No matter how little or much tithe is received by a local mission in third class divisions, the same policy of sending up a percentage to their respective union mission/conference is applied. Local churches don’t keep any portion of tithe but sends ithe full amount to the local mission/conference…

The GC tithe policy clearly excludes, among other things, use for infrastructure. The 13th Sabbath offering “overflow” is what you may be referring that funds selected projects in each of the World Divisions on a rotating basis.

Use of Tithe
Oct 14, 1985

(Cfowler) #95

I think Hillary was the first to use the term “fake news”.

Not that it matters (nor do I care), but it seems everybody wants to throw it out there. The meme of the day? I personally think it’s been used so much, that’s it’s become annoying. Time to retire it, IMO.

But, I agree with your comment about not knowing what he was referring to. I thought the same thing. If you are going to use the term, but nobody knows exactly from where, or from whom the fake news is coming, it’s pretty pointless.


Here is a Dan Jackson sermon for you to critique:


Either before or after you watch it, get out your Bible and read the words of Scripture from the start of Exodus chapter 7 through the end of chapter 14.

I would be interested in learning your opinion as to how you feel Elder Jackson interpreted this passage of the Bible.

(Kim Green) #97

However things are divided up/sent up…there is going to be less money for “overflow” projects if NAD doesn’t contribute. It isn’t possible that monies distributed would remain the same unless of course they are locally sourced and dispersed. Just a general overall concept was what I was referring to, Joselito.

(Nathan Robinson) #98

For the past two years, the term “fake news” has been used with near exclusivity as a pergorative to paint media as enemies, to stake out sides. It has no place in Adventist discussions about our publications.

What concerns me most is whether Jackson understands the term, how it is used as a dog whistle, and the political division it engenders.

Or is Jackson simply naive?

Which would be worse?

(Kim Green) #99

It does not advance or refute his credibility to me, Nathan…I am rather neutral in this regard.

(Kim Green) #100

At least you are consistently being inconsistent (much criticism with no real illustrations). I see that Dave Moffatt is giving you a chance at “critiquing”…we shall be waiting! :wink:

I could take you more seriously if you would actually present REAL things instead of spin…but whatever.

(Nathan Robinson) #101

I don’t have any skin in the game, but as someone who thinks words matter, Jackson’s statement threw me. It was not the kind of statement I would expect from an administator trying to take the moral high-road.