Weekly Potluck: What's hot in the Sevy blogosphere

(system) #1

By Alexander Carpenter

"I rock so much," says La Sierra University pastor Sam Leonor on the Kev and K.C. Show podcast.

Commenting on the Sabbath school lesson, Greg quotes Mark Twain: "history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

Also, I am at the Global Internet Evangelism Network conference. Just met some of these savy fellas at netAdventist. They set up this blog on the conference.

Hollywood pastor Ryan Bell recommends a bibilical way of thinking about the bible.

And speaking about smart evangelism, Monte Sahlin points out: "A lot of things were said in passion during the fall and early winter of 2001. 'Postmodernism is over ... an American revival is underway ... things have changed forever.' That's all nonsense and some of us said so at the time, but Christian leaders didn't want to listen. . . . We have to get real about what it takes to influence such a massive organism. That includes at least two things that it seems that Christendom, and American Christians in particular, have a hard time coming up with: (A) A long attention span. (B) A serious investment; at least the majority of our total giving."If you have a recommended blog, let everyone know about it in the comments section.

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